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Money - Go For It

By Alwyn Beikoff

If you never give up, you really cannot fail. Success cannot be denied a go-getter.

When I had a business in which I employed people I liked employees who knew the work and how to do it and who enjoyed doing it well. They had it all but sometimes an employee or prospective employee was a bit deficient in one area.

An employee who is a bit short on skills and knowledge but has the right approach to their work is preferable over one who has all the skills but a lousy attitude.

Skills and knowledge can be learned. So can attitude actually but only if a person is willing to put in the effort.

Certainly there are some who have a great aptitude for some task and this aptitude enables them to learn the knowledge and skills faster than others with less aptitude, but it's attitude that counts. To be successful both aptitude and attitude are needed but attitude is the more important of the two.

With the right attitude one can always persist until they get the aptitude in knowledge and skills. But without the right attitude it almost doesn't matter what the aptitude is.

As the saying goes: 'Attitude determines your altitude'.

What is the right attitude. For any particular job we could list a host of traits that signified the right attitude. One characteristic of every right attitude would have to be described as 'being a go-getter'.

A go-getter doesn't give up. Obstacles are temporary inconveniences, merely setbacks which can be gotten over, under, around or through.

So how does one become a go-getter?

A passion or enjoyment for the job at hand is a big help, as is a belief in the value of importance of the job at hand.

Most of all though, you have to learn to think like a go-getter.

Here are the characteristics of a go-getter:

You are goal-oriented - you know where you're going;
Challenges don't deter you in fact you love a challenge;
Problems and adversities make you stronger rather than weaker;
Obstacles are temporary inconveniences;
You let go of criticism from others and don't let it deter you;
You think positively and look for the silver lining in situations;
Responsibility takes the place of making excuses;
You'll break from tradition and be unconventional if necessary;
You are always thinking of new ways to do things better.

Though all these features might not describe you, anyone can learn these basic go-getter skills.

With determination and practice you can change your thinking and actions. Over time it will become easier because each positive step will empower you and make successive positive steps even easier.

Work on both thinking and actions concurrently in 3 ways:

1 Consciously monitor your thinking and consciously change it to align with that of a go-getter.
2 Examine your beliefs and work on changing them so that your thinking is positively influenced on an unconscious level. This will alter your actions.
3 Play the old 'Act-as-if game'. New actions, even if they don't align with the 'old' you, will produce new results. These new results will be new evidence that will help reinforce the new thoughts and beliefs you are trying to accommodate.

Becoming a go-getter doesn't mean winning at all costs or stepping all over others to get to your goal. It does mean becoming a better you who will reach your goals and make money and feel great along the way.
About the Author
Al Beikoff is an educator, investor and writer whose newsletter, Money Ideas, focuses on the thoughts and ideas we harbor about money. His tips, strategies and ideas on changing your thinking will help you change your world financially as well as in other areas. He can be contacted through his website about investing safely offshore.

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