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Breeding and Selling Dogs

By Janet

Dogs are among the most popular domestic animals and breeding them can be both fun and rewarding. It just takes commitment and several guidelines to be successful in breeding and selling dogs.


Breeding dogs involve thorough evaluation of the animal's health prior to breeding. Medium and large breeds, for example, should be checked for hip dysphasia and smaller breeds should be checked for femoral head necrosis. Dogs with health problems are not suitable for breeding.

Breeders also have to abide and observe any state law regarding breeding. The state generally encourages breeders to observe good health practices in breeding dogs. Breeding dogs involves investment and this comes in the form of the expenses that can be incurred for feeds, vaccines and veterinary services.


Dogs should be bred only after they are mature enough (around two years of age) because breeding dogs earlier can result to stagnancy in growth. The health condition of the animal should also be considered because dogs with genetic problems and poor temperament are not recommended for breeding. Proper care should be given to the dog after being successfully impregnated. This involves bringing the bitch to the veterinarian for prenatal visits. The breeder should also be informed about the birthing process and how he should prepare for it. Proper nourishment is also vital so there should be sufficient food and water. Prenatal vitamins can also be given when advised by the veterinarian.


Selling can be considered once the dog has produced its litter. You can sell your dog by spreading the word to your friends and family members. You can also place newspaper classified ad and set up appointments for those who want to see your dogs, however, this can be time consuming for you and your client. Alternatively, you can add photo links to your ads so interested parties can just go online and see the pictures of your dogs. You can utilize the image hosting service of and show up to 10 pictures of your dogs in just one short web link. Interested buyers will be able to view the photos before the make an appointment. This will attract more serious buyers who are definitely interested in purchasing your dog.


As a breeder, you should be able to know your puppies and decide the best home for their type and temperament. You can evaluate the attitude of the prospective owners to the puppies by asking them several questions as to how they plan to take care of the puppy. You may ask them where the dog will stay and who will feed it in case the whole family is gone for schooling and work. You can also give the prospective owners advice as to how you take care of your dogs and give them several tips about caring and feeding the dog. The contract between you and the new owner should also insure the safety of the puppy in its new home. You may, for example, take back the dog if the new owner is not able to keep the puppy.
About the Author
Janet Doherty
Enhance Your Newspaper Pet Classifieds with Free Online Photos.

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