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Feng Shui Floor Walls and Ceiling

By Amy Goodmann

When it comes to home or office architecture ceilings are often overlooked in the planning and sales process. "Out of sight, out of mind" is the byline. Yet ceilings are the top cover of any room. They are as important as the walls or floors because they most directly offer us shelter and protection from the world.

Remember you are in your bed hopefully asleep half of the time you are at home.
Perhaps not as much at work. Ceiling offer tremendous influence directly above our heads and over our minds.

If the head did not matter why it would be attached to your body. It is this integral relationship with our minds that make our ceilings so important to consider when looking at the design of our home and office spaces. Of course what is overhead has such a major impact on us just as the four walls in our homes. Look carefully to see if there is anything pointing at our heads - the sword of Damocles so to speak.

What to check for in your inspection? Beams, points or arrows and low or slanted ceilings.

First of all what is the measured ceiling height? The optimal ceiling height in a room is between 10 and 12 feet height. If your ceiling is less than 8 and inches then it can well affect your life limiting your opportunities and options and burdening you with life's problems.

Second note the colors of your ceilings in your office or home. The best overall choice for a positive effect on your life is the simple color "white". White is always the best choice for a ceiling. The worst Feng Shui color is definitely is a Mediterranean beach or dark blue. These are "water colors" and bring poor stability and work habits. Sort of like a day off at the beach.

Skylights can bring you openings, an open-minded view of life. This involves bringing you vital energy. Skylights are a good thing over bedrooms. However ensure that the light does not interfere with your sleep patterns.

You should be aware that ceiling beams although trendy can be dangerous and indeed a poison. It is as if the beam is a highway leading from the room draining the room and yourself of vital energy. Try not to purchase a home or rent office space in an area with open beams. If the beams are structural and necessary or cannot be removed in an inexpensive or practical manner they can always be covered with false ceiling in the ceiling or by other covers. If the beams cannot be covered then ensure that seating and beds are not placed under these energy thieves.

Lastly one ceiling to be deadly concerned over are mirrored ceilings. Mirrored ceilings are often used in home and office architecture to create the illusion of greater space in a geographic area. Be more than wary of mirrored ceilings. They can enforce evil thoughts on others on yourself and your colleagues.

Ceilings are a major component of house and office space. Most attention is placed on what is apparently visible to the naked eye walls and furnishings. Out of sight is out of mind. Feng Shui the ceilings and ceiling areas in your home, home office and office design. Feng Shui.
About the Author
Amy Goodmann

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