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Free Links and Free Traffic: The Power of Article Writing

By Phillip Kimpo Jr.

What is the key to getting more visitors and links to your website? Do you need to go around the Net posting comments on every blog, tagboard, forum, and guestbook you find, in the hopes that people will click on the links you leave? Do you need to spend hundreds of bucks buying backlinks, which are often invisibly placed near the bottom of the site, or worse, in webpages hidden deep in the site? Do you need to spend hundreds of hours participating in 'free web traffic' programs where you need to view two sites of other people to get one visitor for your own site?

The simple answer: No. What then is the key? The simple answer: Writing and submitting articles.

Look around you, and see the hundreds of article authors and freelance writers submitting tons of informative articles to free article directories. Why do they do it? They do it because it's profitable. Experience has taught them that writing an article and placing even a single link (yes, you can!) within it returns riches that far outweigh the minutes spent writing and submitting it. Did you know that with just one article, with one link within it, you can earn thousands of backlinks and free visitors?

The explanation: when you write an article, you usually place one or two links to the website you wish to promote and market (that's why there's a lucrative field called "Article Marketing"). When an article directory publishes your article, you gain a free link.

Now, a few links might seem unimpressive. But here's the beauty of it -- people go to article directories to look for information. Ezine publishers and webmasters go to article sites to get free content. When they find your article and like it, they'll post it on other websites and mailing lists. Your links spread virally to scores, maybe hundreds, or even thousands of other sites. Links bring in targeted visitors; links make your website more trusted by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other search engines. In short, the few minutes spent writing one article can accomplish what buying backlinks and buying traffic credits will do, and way way cheaper.

That's just for one article, submitted to one article directory. What if you choose to write ten more, and submit to dozens of free article sites out there? Your links spread like a virus, and your article's chance of getting picked up by ezines and the big content-hungry sites out there exponentially increase. And with the boom of automatic article submitters in the market today, it's getting more and more easy to publish your articles and promote your sites while doing minimal work.

If you still haven't tried out writing and submitting articles, today would be good day to start. Who knows if your competitors are already doing it, and even though they might not, what's the hurt in getting a headstart, a HUGE headstart at that?

Write articles, submit articles. This is the key to free links, free traffic, and Internet success.
About the Author
The author invites you to submit articles at, a high-quality free article directory, where your articles can also get featured in the site's separate blog. The author is a freelance writer, web project manager, and a member of the ACM.

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