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Tips on Obedience Training For Your Pet Dog

By Benz Slow

A well-trained and an obedient dog is what you desire for your pet dog. You want your pet dog to behave everywhere you take him. You want him to know what is right and wrong to avoid causing trouble anywhere, whether in your house or in public. This is why you teach and train your pet dog. You train your pet dog to obey your commands and to discipline them. But how will you do it? Are you capable of training your pet dog?

You may think that obedience training for your pet dog is a very hard and time consuming thing to do. The truth is obedience training for your pet dogs can be very easy if you have the patience and dedication to do so.

Here are some useful tips for you to take into account on obedience training for your pet dog:

First is observation. Observe carefully the different activities of your pet dog. When dogs are about to do something, they usually give out signs or warning signals. Excreting is a typical example for this. Pay attention and make a note of the time of the day and behavioral signs that your pet dog may exhibit when about to excrete.

Let your pet dog go outside the house. Just see to it that your pet doesn't destroy your plants or whatever. Do this everyday at the same time. Allow your pet dog to choose the place where he can excrete.

Accompany your pet dog until he's done excreting.

A lot of patience is required for puppy owners. This is because your puppy will cry and is uncomfortable at night on the first few nights. You have to be patient in taking your puppy out every time he wants to do his thing if you want to train him successfully.

Never use ammonia-based cleaners if you own a dog. Ammonia-based cleaners smell more like urine. Your pet dog will likely pee in every corner of the house is you use this in cleaning your house.

It is a great experience for your pet dog if you let him roll over by giving his tummy a rub. If they showed submissiveness towards you then it is an indication that your pet dog is deferment in your leadership.

Always give praise to your pet dog whenever he displays good behavior by giving rewards such as treats or foods. You will become more successful in training your pet dog if you focus on his good behavior rather than punishing him for bad behaviors.

Avoid the inappropriate way of reprimanding your pet dog. Don't be a rude owner. Don't punish your pet dog by slapping, kicking or sticking his nose on the mess every time he makes a mess. Do the right way of reprimanding your dog.

Always take the lead. Dogs are living in packs, they need hierarchies to follow. Set the rules for your pet dog then observe for positive behavioral changes. Remember that you and your pet dog are working as a team.

Communicating with your pet dog by teaching him what to do and what not to do is the most important ability required in dog obedience guidance. It is the so-called effective communication between you and your pet dog. By applying this, your pet dog will be able to obey some of your commands. Just make sure that your obedience training lessons for your pet dog are not boring.

In enforcing obedience training for your pet dog, understanding and fulfilling his basic needs including constructive social interaction, shelter, security, food, water, safety and proper exercise are helpful.

Obedience training for your pet dog would definitely take some time and a lot of your patience, determination and reliability. After all your hard work, you'll be rewarded with a well-trained and obedient dog. It's a priceless accomplishment. Nevertheless, a dog is like a family member wherein in you should also give the same care and love.
About the Author
Benz Slow is a dog trainer and a writer of

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