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Enhance Your Health through Internal Cleanliness

By Ismael D. Tabije

Internal and external cleanliness are both important. But the truth that may not be very obvious to a lot of people is that internal cleanliness is vastly more important. Most of the diseases we acquire such as headaches, skin problems and others are due mostly to impure blood and the poisoning of the system because of constipation.

The very best measure for promoting internal cleanliness, which I have ever learned, is a method of flushing the alimentary canal. The essence of this treatment consists in the plentiful drinking of moderately hot water the first thing in the morning.

Hot water drinking is no new thing. The trouble with those who try it is that they usually do not drink enough. The right way calls for the drinking of anywhere from one to two quarts or more. One or two cups to be taken at time intervals of about five minutes – with exercises performed during the intervals. The water should not be too hot, just hot enough for one to be able to drink it down rapidly.

No one can consume two quarts or more of hot water in this way in the course of thirty or forty minutes without accomplishing a very thorough and effective flushing of the alimentary canal. As a means of relief from constipation, it is far superior to the usual colon flushing method.

This is not a constipation cure. It is a constipation preventive measure, and that means a great deal more. A cure means a remedial measure for a condition in which harm has already been accomplished. Prevention is a measure, which keeps one in such perfect condition that no disturbance of bodily functions and no poisoning or injury of the body can he accomplished.

Further, this particular plan gives one an appetite such as cannot be obtained from any tonic or stomach stimulant. Incidentally the general effects are also felt in improving the complexion, making the skin smooth, and clearing the voice. It also improves the powers of assimi¬lation so much so that those who are thin and skinny can regain normal weight.
About the Author
This article is an excerpt from the e-book, The Man Who Grew Younger: Secrets to Fitness & Health for the Middle-aged and Beyond. Visit the e-book's website to find unique natural fitness and health tips, all proven highly effective. Numerous other excellent fitness e-books are also available at

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