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Why learn to speak Spanish?

By Patrick Clark

Because it is the fastest growing language in america right now. With the Latin American population expending, being able to speak a language that is becoming so widely used would be an invaluable asset. Schools are even becoming bi-lingual and they are choosing Spanish as the second language to teach. There are even parts of the country; Miami springs come to mind, where there are most likely more people for whom Spanish is their first language than there are people who are native English speakers, that's why Spanish became a valuable language to learn, the fact is, that there are so many opportunities for you to use it. With Spanish speakers approaching 30% in the USA, I'm sure you know some people who speaks Spanish. This means more people to practice with and as you know, practice makes perfect. And of course an other good reason to learn Spanish is to travel.

One of the things that turns a lot of people off learning a new language is worrying about how difficult it is going to be. And, depending on the language, this can be an issue. Not all languages are created equal. Fortunately for you, learning Spanish is quit easy. Yes, it will take effort and commitment, but, for an English speaker, Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn.

For starters, if you haven't already realised, English and Spanish use the same alphabet. This is due to the Roman invasion of most of Europe. So, from day 1, you'll be able to read Spanish easily. While there are a couple of minor differences, it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to learn all these. Compare this to learning a language like Chinese, with tens of thousands of different characters!
You can learn to speak Spanish through a variety of ways. You can learn it by studying in a book. You can learn it from watching videos on the television. And, you can learn Spanish through the online adventures. In fact, you can even purchase programs to help you with each aspect of learning the language. By using these programs, you will get the repetition that is necessary while learning how to speak fluently. You will need to expose yourself to the language daily and it will often be challenging, but in every way that counts, it will be learned.

Finding these software programs isn't hard. If you choose to go the tapes and videos route, many of your favorite department stores will carry beginning level learn Spanish tapes. But, if you want quality programs either for the television or for the computer, always turn to your online sources. Learning Spanish will be fun!
About the Author
Patrick owns Spanish Expert which help people learn to speak spanish online

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