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Pushing the Limits of One's Life: Be Fit Up to 100 Years

By Ismael D. Tabije

The human body does not retain the vital principle to make it past 100 years. It is a very rare case when a person goes beyond a hundred years.

The question naturally rises: Is it possible to generally prolong the life of man, that is, to add one-quarter or even a greater percentage of years to its present apparent limitations? If the cause of physical deterioration can be removed or prevented this would seem possible. The clogging up of arteries, the venous system and their capillaries with worn-out cells and calcareous matter cause aging. If these passages or tubers are maintained free of such debris or ash resultants, it is possible to remain young longer than usual. As I have experienced, physical rejuvenation is very much possible even at an advanced age.

As the tubes of a boiler become clogged up and incapacitated by deposits of calcareous matter, so do the arteries and veins of the human body. Free them from those clogging deposits and it is possible to prolong life past that period which we now assume to be its limitation.

A correct system of diet will aid the digestive organs, and temperate habits in all directions are conducive to health and longevity. But still when there is a lack of general muscular activity by which the ashes of the system are expelled from the body, life can't be materially prolonged.

Systematic alternate contraction and relaxation of the muscles, mechanically forces out this clogging matter into the avenues for its elimination. It is expelled from the body by the natural processes of excretion. The proof of this theory is my own experience and success in physical rejuvenation. But this system of expelling the clogging debris or ashes must be general and complete. It is almost like cleaning just a part of a watch and yet expect it to tell accurate time. Stick to exercises that were designed to develop not just the large muscles of the body but the total body system, making it possible for all the organs to function well and maintain health.

By persistent practice of exercises specially designed for the middle-aged and above, it is possible to be healthy and fit up to 100 years.
About the Author
This article is an excerpt from the e-book, The Man Who Grew Younger: Secrets to Fitness & Health for the Middle-aged and Beyond. Visit the e-book's website to find unique natural fitness and health tips, all proven highly effective. Numerous other excellent fitness e-books are also available at

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