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Has The Rich Jerk Out Jerked Himself This Time?

By alan martin

Copyright Alan Martin Part 2


yes, we can install it for you. Our rate for script installation is
$25/hour. Typically, we can install them within about an hour. We
have not installed this particular script in the past, so we're not
familiar with it, but should be able to get it installed.


Great at last some movement in the right direction so I get on doing what I always do on the internet and that is ask for links from other websites and other stuff which I would not go into just yet.

Then disaster strikes email I received from my server staff

Not enough information about the "Links Information" settings for me but
that information may be of more use to you in installing it yourself
because those settings are not fixed. But if you don't want to do it
yourself, I suggest corresponding with the script owner about the
proper settings and getting it installed.

Hi, Emir, I have had a word with my website server staff and they say that they are unfamiliar with the installation and wonder if you could install it for me even though they have seen your link.

I know nothing of how to install this script to me the installation looks straight forward if you know how to install php.

So I am asking for your help to install it on my website and will pay whatever you want to get it up and running as it sounds such a great script and one that I have been looking for for such a long time I have looked at countless programs and decided that yours has everything that I am looking for.

Hi Alan,

It's not a problem. I can do it for you. Here is the info I need from you:

FTP connection settings to your server (i.e ftp url, username and password)
Username and password to a MySQL database on your server.

As soon as I get this info I will install it for you.

Emir Plicanic

So I send him the details the same night and Waite for his reply

Dear Alan,

I've scheduled your BeSeen Installation for January 20. Depending on my schedule I may do it sooner.
No matter what, I will let you know as soon as the installation is done.


Dear Alan,

I successfully installed BeSeen on your server.
Your administrator information is: ###############

If you have any other questions please let me know. There is no charge for
the installation, but if you could put up a little text ad on you home-page
I would greatly appreciate it.

Great, just the email I have been waiting for so like a child with a new toy I go straight over to my new log in panel and take a look around it I look at a few things read a few more and in no time I have added a link and then another and so on now I see what all the fuss is about and all the testimonials I read where spot on now I am not sure weather you know much about asking for links off other websites but unless you have a page rank of at least 1 they will not link with you so this is where my website comes in for anyone who would like to start getting free traffic to there website I have a page rank of two and it can only go up with the quality of links I am acquiring and I am willing to link with you to get you on the road to free traffic for no cost just go here now :
And copy my link and put it on your website for those who do not know it must be copied and pasted and then placed into your HTML view and then save page otherwise it will not work.

So I am so made up with the linking script I start to tell everyone who may be interested so I send off a few emails to see who will respond I thought I would tell all the people who send me emails trying to flog me there stuff so I recons that they may be interested in this linking script as its for free NO CHARGE I figured I might get a response this is a copy of the email I sent to the people who send me emails relentlessly.

Hi, Jerk how are you today the weather is very cold but sunny here today and I thought I would let you know that my new linking script is up and running and I have kept a place for you, you can link in any category that relates to any of your websites.

There is a special link code you need on your website and then we are all up and ruining and ready to get great traffic to your website all for free so I have got a copy of the code for you so you can paste it somewhere on your website here it is.

also you can add a link anytime you like when you make another website that you want traffic to test it out here. just go to add a link and click and just follow the easy instructions.

Have a look and see what you think.

Speak to you soon

Yours Alan Martin

And that's it for part two be sure to check out the next chapter next week it's a blinder this one you just can not miss ho and by the way go to my website to download your free stuff valued at

$2937 Worth Of Videos, E-books, Audio Seminars And Software With Resell Rights Absolutely FREE…

Speak to you soon
Yours truly,
Alan Martin.
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