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Press Release For Expectant and New Parents!

By Claire-Marie Alvarez

I wanted to inform you of a brand new "fresh-faced" resource for expectant and new parents! It's a huge website, packed with information about pregnancy, labor, relaxation, delivering your baby, products for baby, breastfeeding you name it, it's probably in this site. It's written by Claire-Marie Alvarez, an Award-Winning British-Trained Midwife she's an RN in the US - who has twenty years of experience in this field of expertise and it's called:

Its taken months of hard work and years of experience to put this together, and now it's available for you to go and seek out the information you need to help you have a healthy pregnancy, happy delivery and take the best care of your baby!

Written by an established expert in the field of birthing and caring for babies, this resource has much to offer. It is a membership site, so you join the club for less than a couple of cups of coffee a month then you can go and find all kinds of things that you might be interested in!

You can download free reports about anything ranging from how to find out you're pregnant, to what to do if you have a baby that's very premature, to top tips for breast feeding your baby.

Do you have concerns about how to exercise when you're pregnant?
Do you want to know about the best ways to relax when you're in labor?
Are you worried about diabetes and pregnancy?
Do you have concerns about feeding your baby?
Do you want to have a water birth?
Are you worried that your toddler isn't developing the way (s)he should?
What about feeling disconnected from your teenager?
Are you worried about drugs and your child?
Do you just know that without help, you'll scream your way through labor and delivery?
Natural or epidural? Or something in between?

This resource is written with humor, stories and lots of pictures to help you get the point! If you like the free reports, you can go back and buy a book related to the same thing for much less than you'd pay in stores.

Go and check out this wonderful resource it's like having a personal advisor right next to you all the time!

I do hope that you enjoy all of the things offered on my site!

Claire-Marie Alvarez,
Real Life Midwife
About the Author
Claire is an award-winning Midwife from England who works as a Nurse in the US. She has twenty years experience in the field of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, so she's definitely an expert!

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