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MLM Success - Creating and Manifesting Prosperity

By Ron Kasdorf

In the attempt of creating MLM Success, an understanding of the Law of Attraction is vital. Surrounding yourself with others who have become that which you chose to be, is the key. This is an age-old process that has been known by few and practiced by even fewer.

As the story goes, the whole universe was created, everything was in place and then man was created. This could be said to be one of the earliest manifestations of the Law of Attraction. Many could philosophize this point. But for the sake of this demonstration, let us continue.

The Law of Attraction states that we should ask answer and receive. While we were created first by thought, then allowed, we are free to be. It is in the allowing that shows that we are not mere puppets. We are allowed to be that which we choose. In the process of allowing, we can be great as we are meant to be.

While we are here on this earth, in order to manifest great things, we must first follow the same process. While we are not born into the world with the knowledge to do many things, we have the freedom to gain that knowledge as we choose. Again that is part of the process.

When we chose to create prosperity, we must gain the knowledge. Just as in this writing there have been many others who have written about this philosophy. Many others will follow. I am not professing that I have the answer, but merely my understanding. It is in the action of the LOA that we are free to manifest anything and everything that we wish to manifest. That includes wealth and prosperity.

We are, for example born unto this world without the specialized knowledge to become an astronaut. That does not mean that we cannot become one. It merely means that we are to surround ourselves with those who have the knowledge in order to become.

The same is true with any profession that we choose. In order to create success in the MLM industry, surround yourself with others who have become successful in the chosen profession and you too can achieve, if you will follow and do what is required of you. That is why I had mentioned earlier that you cannot learn from this writing or most any writings alone without applying the principles taught.

Surrounding yourself with others who have become that which you chose to be, is the key. This is an age-old process that has been known by few and practiced by even fewer. Why is it then that as it is said, the universe is abundant and that we are free to be do and have all, which we aspire to be, do and have, that few have embraced this concept?

Good question. Perhaps it is that in our infinite wisdom we get in the way of ourselves. We allow feelings to get in the way of our being. If we allow others to create our lives for us, than that is what we get. We are taught at an early age to rely on our well-meaning parents. We didn't have to think. We didn't have to create. When we become of age, we are thrown out of the nest and expected to fly on our own.

Now that we are here, what do we do? You cannot change the past, only the here and now leading into the future. I had mentioned that "specialized knowledge." We must seek it out and attract it into our lives. We need to be taught or mentored. We must also realize that in this process, we it is not required that we be taught only by one, but it is far preferable to be taught by many. This process is called masterminding.

Many successful greats from the past have practice both of these principles side by side and have created great things. History has recorded these feats and while that is in the past, the opportunity is in the here and now.

Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the "richest" people in the world when he wrote, "Think and Grow Rich". All 500 had ONE thing in common: Every one of them worked with a "Mastermind" group. Participating in a mastermind group has proven to be an integral part of my success in MLM.
About the Author
Ron Kasdorf is a successful network marketer and stay at home father of two. Ron believes everyone with the desire to become successful in network marketing can do so with the proper skills, mentoring and support. It is his goal to help as many people as possible attain the proper skills and mentor them to success. Download his free eBook Success in Ten Steps

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