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Your Body Responds to What You Think: Think Lemon!

By Mary Robinson Reynolds

If I were to instruct you to sit at your breakfast table each morning and visualize yourself getting sick and dying from a disease, would you do it? Of course not. And why not? Because you already know the power of repeated, emotional visualization. And yet that's exactly what we do with each bite of food we put into our mouths, regardless of whether we are "dieting" or not!

We visualize: too much saturated fat, too many carbs, not enough good carbs, too enjoyable to be good for us, don't eat eggs, do eat eggs, don't eat the yokes, don't eat potatoes, do eat all vegetables, don't eat meat, do eat meat.

On and on and on it goes, and we are so stressed out over what we've been told about food, we are not able to hear our inner naturally light, lean, healthy selves, our intuition, our inner guidance, because we've got so much mental flipping chatter going on, no matter what we are eating. Is it any wonder we are a society of emotional, super-size-it eaters!

It's time to take a breath and begin again.

There is so much being discovered in the newest medical research. We are learning how the body responds to what we are repeatedly thinking while we are eating and how it has an immediate physiological effect on how the food is digested and metabolized by our bodies.

Other contributing factors to difficulties in releasing excess weight are the impact of viruses and inflammation. Then there are the emotional issues we experience because of our negative belief systems, training and how fulfilled we are feeling with the important areas of our lives.

Taking all of the newest research insights on the immune system, inflammation and emotional issues into account, I started researching a variety of affirmations that promoted physical healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

I spent time every morning thinking about what benefits I really wanted to experience from the intentions I was going to set for myself. I decided I wanted to feel good, to be comfortable in my body, to feel "light and lean" but not skinny or thin. So I started using that kind of language to develop the statements that felt comforting and soothing to me.

When I first began working with the health and weight loss intentions, I began to notice that steady, daily changes, insights and improvements were happening in me and through me. I could feel myself trusting my intuition with food more and more. I could feel myself not being interested in food as an emotional fix.

I began exercising in ways that I truly enjoyed. To my amazement, I reduced my size by ten pounds in 2 1/2 months. This was the first ten pounds I've released off my body in over six years!

And then I got busy with other things! Like many people, I stopped making time to simply sit and write my amazing, healing intentions.

You guessed it!

My progress stopped. And so I asked myself, "What can I do to make this easier so that I can be consistent with this process?"

I am an online movie maker! Could it have been more "in front of me to do?"

So, I decided to create a new free online movie, with the "statements of intention" that produce a healing, soothing balm to jazz up cellular vibrations for the body to naturally return to wholeness.

I made this movie for me and because all of my flash online movies are free to the world, it is also my gift to you!

Repetition, as you know, is the mother of all learning.

A small pilot study at Canyon ranch showed that those who added imagery to their regular program doubled their weight loss, when compared to a control group that just listened to music.

A restful state of mind is a healing state of mind. Steadfast statements of peace will harmonize the whole body structure and open the way to healthy conditions and insights.

Research reveals that weight loss imagery definitely has a track record for decreasing the impulse to eat compulsively, out of anxiety or depression, because it's a calming, uplifting and empowering experience for most people.

And here's the key: You can't expect to become a calm, uplifted person after visualizing and repeating intentions just once or twice. Whether you create and write your own statements of intention or seek out other visualizations to use, with repetition it will become your automatic response and ultimately your norm.

As my gift, the first 3.5 minutes of my will always remain online and free for those wishing to use it repeatedly. 3.5 minutes of viewing health and weight loss statements, 1-3 times a day, is all anyone needs to begin to experience an improved physiological shift. Lighten' up and enjoy!
About the Author
Mary Robinson Reynolds, author of five books, began producing free online movies in 2005. Since that time, her movies have been viewed over 5 million times throughout the world.

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