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Headaches in a Child Are Quite a Pain

By Richard Romando

Whenever you think of someone who has frequent headaches, you may often think about adults. The latest headache pains surveys reveal a surprising fact that is, headaches in a child occur just as frequently as headaches in adults. It's a very startling fact that generally, before being admitted in schools, almost 30% of children have had experienced their first headache. Unfortunately nobody really knows what triggers headaches in a child.

Causes of Headaches in a Child
There are numerous reasons why a child may get a headache. One thing which is most important to know is his family history. It is generally found that, the ailments in the ancestors are passed on to the generations. So there are chances that child might get headache due to heredity .This is especially true for girls since the majority of people who suffer from migraines are females.
Another reason for headaches in children is head injuries. If your child has a head injury, then it is advisable to pediatrician or doctor regarding it. This is very necessary for proper treatment and medication. Many a times, medication and ignoring consultation with doctor, result in making child's condition worse.

Environment and Allergies
Sometimes the environmental changes also instigate headaches. These changes may include changes in the weather, bright lights, strong smells, dehydration, improper sleep and excessive loud noises. Stress, whether due to homework or any other family problem, can also be a reason for headaches. It is always good to spend ample time with the child and discuss about his problem. Sometimes child may be tensed about petty issues which can be eased out by discussing.
You should also make sure that your child doesn't have a food allergy which is also major cause of headaches. This is especially true with the flavor enhancer called MSG, monosodium glutamate and caffeine, which is found in chocolate and soda.
About the Author
Richard Romando is an expert of giving information about Cause of Headache in Child. For more help visit to Child and Depression

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