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Weight Loss & Maintenance Has Become So Easy!

By Erin Smith

This is the technical meaning of ˇ°healthy fat.ˇ± Your body needs these fats
to function properly, yet it doesn't produce it on it's own.

Several scientific studies show that consumption of omega-3 oils leads to a
substantially lower risk of death from coronary heart disease. Flax seeds
are basically available everywhere. You can purchase then at a health food
store to a place were you buy natural foods sold in bulk.

Another study has found that omega-3 fatty acids, and by extension,
flaxseed, can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, which is an eye
disease that destroys vision by damaging nerve cells in the eye.

Besides lignans, flaxseeds and their oil are also the best food sources of an
essential fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid. "Essential" means we must
consume it, because our bodies cannot manufacture it.

1,2,3, Weight Loss & Maintenance Has Become So Easy

Millions of people spend billions of dollars, hoping to achieve the same
thing, effective weight management. For years, many people have
struggled to maintain a healthy weight and body. With a majority of
Americans being overweight or even obese, the problem has grown into a
crisis. Nearly 300,000 people die each year from weight-related disease.

Every week seems to bring out the next fad diet designed to help you
"shed the pounds." The problem is that most of these programs are not
effective. Some work for a few days, but the weight comes back. Others
are downright unhealthy. From products to exercise equipment, people
are looking for the answer to their weight-management problem.

We believe the key to effective weight-management is a lifestyle of
health. The pH Factor Weight-Management System combines a sensible
eating plan, exercise, water consumption, and superior nutrition to help
you create a lifestyle of health.

We feel the missing key to this challenge for many is the pH factor. Since
blood pH is so critical to life, the body protects the blood at all costs. The
typical diet consists of foods that when digested create acid that is put
into the blood. The body has to neutralize this acid or risk major problems.
Fat is one of the primary buffers used by the body to help deal with acid.
When the body cannot neutralize acid, it stores it in fat cells. When
attempting to lose fat, we typically cut calories. But, if our system remains
acidic, then instead of burning fat, which would release more acid into the
system, the body burns muscle instead. The pH Factor Weight-
Management System helps you to identify those foods that are creating
excess acid in the system and also provides products that are alkaline. This
combination can help you to raise your body pH, thereby creating an
environment for health.

Tired of fighting to lose weight only to gain it back, again and again. It is a
horrible cycle. Not only is it depressing, it is unhealthy. ForMor has
discovered what we feel to be the missing key to long-term weight
management. It is the pH Factor.

Welcome to the pH Factor Rapid Weight-Loss System. Success with this
system requires strict adherence to the system. Failure to follow the
system reduces the effectiveness of the system and lessens your chances
of accomplishing the desired result.

A lifestyle of health is paramount to weight-management and health. This
includes: sensible eating, moderate and consistent exercise, sufficient
water consumption, and a good nutritional program. The pH Factor Rapid
Weight-Loss System combines these into a simple plan. For the next 14
days, we are going to transform your body into a more effective, fat-
burning machine. Order your products a get started'll be glad
you did!!!

The pH Factor

"pH" or "potential for hydrogen" is the measure used to determine
whether something is an acid or alkaline. It is measured on a scale from 0 -
14, with 6.8 - 7.0 being considered neutral. Anything below 6.8 is
considered acid, and anything above 7.4 is considered alkaline. The pH of
the blood is just over 7.3. If blood pH is altered, major problems, including
death, are imminent. Therefore, the body has multiple buffers in place to
make sure the blood pH remains constant.

The primary buffers the body uses are: sodium, calcium, and body fat.
When acid is present in the blood, the body looks to neutralize it with an
alkaline substance. The primary neutralizing agent is sodium, then calcium.
The body actually takes calcium from the bones in order to neutralize
blood acid. If it cannot be easily neutralized, then the body stores the
acid in the fat cells. That creates a major weight-management problem.

Let's look at how this all works. Like any machine, our body needs fuel in
order operate. Unfortunately, the fuel or food that most people use is
not what the body needs or desires. In order to operate at peak
efficiency, the body needs the proper food. The typical diet is high in
food with little to no food value. The problem goes much deeper than
just lower efficiency. Like any machine, the fuel that we burn creates
exhaust or by-products, sometimes called ash. In the body, our food is
burned as fuel on the cellular level. The blood is the vehicle used to carry
the food to the cell, and is also used to carry the waste or exhaust away
from the cell to be eliminated.

The flax plant, an ancient crop, yields the fiber from which linen is woven,
as well as seeds and oil. The oil, also called linseed oil, has many industrial
uses, it is an important ingredient in paints, varnishes, and linoleum, for

As a source of fiber mucilage, oral flaxseed (not flaxseed oil) may possess
laxative properties, although only one human trial has been conducted for
this indication. Diets high in lignans can lead to a lower chance of getting
colon, prostate, and breast cancer. Flax is 100 times richer in lignan than
most whole grains.

There are many benefits to adding flax seeds to your diet. Well for
instance they can get rid of your constipation problem.

Flaxseeds and their oil may also lower total blood cholesterol, as well as
LDL ("bad") cholesterol When raw fruits and vegetables are consumed,
the body breaks it down and sends it to the cells for fuel. The cell burns
the fuel and the exhaust is an alkaline ash. When food from the typical
diet is burned as fuel, the exhaust created is an acid ash. That acid is then
carried in the blood.

Since blood pH is so critical to life, the body protects the blood at all
costs. The body has to neutralize this acid or risk major problems. Our goal
then is to reduce the amount of food that creates an acidic ash and
increase the foods that create an alkaline ash.

Effects of Acid

Acid in the body acts very much like acid outside the body. It creates
waste. It ages the skin, degenerates tissues, and causes major problems.
Additionally, most health concerns are created by an over abundance of
acid in the system. Reducing acid in the system is critical to long-term
health. Many people love to drink a can of soda. If you look on the label,
you will discover that a can of soda primarily contains acid. The pH of a
soda is around 2.3. That is highly toxic. The body has to scramble to
neutralize that acid in the system. It uses sodium, calcium from the bones
or teeth, or anything else it has to in order to neutralize the acid.

Part of this system includes a slight change in some of the foods that we
normally would eat. We understand that most people will not eliminate all
the bad food from their diet, so instead of eliminating it, we are going to
suggest a strategy of reduction.


Most people are dehydrated. Drinking sufficient amounts of good water is
critical to your success. In order to determine your water needs, convert
your body weight to ounces and divide it by two (2), and that is how
many ounces of water you should consume each day. Pure water is the
only thing that counts toward your daily intake. Even water mixed with
Pro Factor Shakes does not count toward your daily needs. For best
results, you should drink only distilled water charged with the Crystal
Catalyst Concentrate. Mix one-half (?) ounce of Crystal Catalyst
Concentrate to one (1) gallon of distilled water.


Building lean muscle, burning additional calories, and improving
overall health are just some of the benefits of consistent
exercise. For the next 14 days, commit to doing some sort of
physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day for ten (10) of the
14 days of this program. That may include: walking, jogging,
riding a bike, playing with your kids or grandkids, or other
activities like, chasing your spouse around the house, that will
raise your heart rate. Make it something you enjoy. Just commit
to it for the next two weeks.


In life, balance is to be desired. When anything is done to
excess, we are in danger of getting out of balance. Usually it is
not one piece of cake, or one soda that does us in. It is when
sodas, cakes, and other acid-producing foods are consumed in
excess that we create problems. You can even get out of
balance on the other side. The life span of most professional
athletes and vegetarians, is actually less than some couch
potatoes. But, we need to identify the things we are doing in
excess in our food consumption, and make some extreme
choices on how to bring those into balance.

For instance, one customer was drinking 6-8 diet sodas per day.
For him, it was an extreme choice to eliminate diet sodas from
his daily life, but that was one of the extreme choices he has
made. For others it may be 6-8 cups of coffee, or two desserts
per day, or the mid-afternoon candy bars. We do not suggest
that you necessarily quit these types of things cold turkey.
Rather, start to exercise some discipline and control over
yourself in these things. Instead of eight sodas a day, drink only
two. Instead of four cups of coffee, drink only one or two.
Instead of four packs of sugar in your tea, maybe only one or
two. Instead of a late night snack, drink two glasses of water
charged with the Crystal Catalyst Concentrate. Instead of
always taking the elevator, take the stairs once a day. Maybe
reduce your portion sizes when you eat. When you go to a
buffet, maybe just go through once. Remove from your thinking
the idea that when you go to a buffet, "you have to get your
money's worth," by eating as much as you can. The purpose of
eating is to give you enough fuel to get to the next meal and
nothing more. For best results, we strongly suggest that you
make some extreme choices.

Flaxseeds also contain omega-6 fatty acids in the form of linoleic
acid; omega-6s are the same healthy fats found in vegetable

Cancer is less common in communities that eat large amounts of
fish, and the reason is thought to be the presence in fish of the
long chain omega-3 polyunsaturates. Flax seed oil is rich in
alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that appears to
be very helpful for heart inflammatory bowel disease, disease,
arthritis and a variety of other health conditions. Flax Seed
muffins pregents Cancer? Find Flax Seed Recipe today! Omega-3
for health!

You want to increase your overall health and energy level. You
want to prevent heart disease, cancer, depression and

Omega 3 benefits are wide-ranging and proven by clinical
studies. Understanding the best omega 3 sources means you
can include more of these healthy foods in your daily meal
About the Author
Find out why flax seed can make you lead a healthier life today!

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