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All About Scabies Treatment

By Angela Reynolds

Scabies is a Latin word that translates to itch in English. Although the word is very indicative of the symptoms, it fails to describe the cause of infection. Before scabies treatment can begin, it's important to know the exact cause.

Scabies is an infection or infestation of mites under the skin. The mites usually roam on the skin surface. The problem begins when the female mite becomes pregnant. The pregnant mite burrows into the skin to lay eggs. These eggs stay inside the skin for 3 to 10 days before hatching. The eggs alone can trigger allergic reactions in the skin. When they hatch, the larvae move about in the skin and causes irritation. The larvae will then molt and turn into adult mites. They stay in the skin for 3 to 4 weeks. As you can clearly see, the mites, not the itch, should be the focus of scabies treatment. If you think that you're applying proper scabies treatment when you focus on the itch, then the method will certainly fail.

The first step in scabies treatment is prevention. One mite will not produce scabies. It's by sheer number of mites that scabies is contracted. Mites surface from their burrows during the night. A daily bath or shower and a scrub are some good forms of scabies treatment and prevention. It washes away most of the mites from the skin and reduces their numbers to avoid infestations.

Generally speaking, a healthy immune system will produce antibodies to combat mite infestations. This reduces the need for scabies treatment. However, should the infected person have extremely low immunity like AIDS patients additional scabies treatment methods become a necessity. If scabies treatment is not provided, mite population can grow to the thousands. Untreated, scabs and/or red skin will develop and turn into white or grey encrusted areas.

Unlike measles or chicken pox, you don't become immune once you've contracted a scabies infection. On the contrary, scabies is a sign that there are large numbers of mites in the places you frequent. A thorough house cleaning will reduce their populations significantly. Don't forget to change your beddings. If you do not clean your house after contracting a scabies infection, chances are the infection will happen again. Quarantine your house after cleaning up. Mites can't live without a host. They die within a few hours of being "brushed-off". If someone sleeps with you in the same room, you want to get that person checked for mite infestations. He/she might need scabies treatment.

So what's the best cure for scabies? The best cure for scabies or any disease is prevention. You know that mites are parasites that need hosts to survive and that they die in a few hours without one. Even though you can't totally eradicate them, you can limit their numbers to prevent scabies infestations. Doing something to prevent an infestation is better than suffering all of that itching and the expense of scabies treatment.
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