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Network Marketing Attraction Success: 7 Tips for Effective Downline Leadership

By Roger Smith

Buliding and Maintaining a downline is a challenging part of any MLM or Network Marketing business. But as all ways, effective leadership is a vital part of helping your downline to produce at top levels.

Here are seven success strategies for effective MLM leadership.

1. Ask questions

Effective leadership involves empowering your downline to do things for themselves. Allow your downline to solve their own problems and answer their own questions. Guiding them to the answers is a matter of asking the right questions as an upline:

2. Find each individual's strengths

Many times, the network marketing industry is so focused on duplication that we forget the fact that each individual brings a unique set of skills, strengths, and experiences. Invest some time identifying particular ways that a person can be successful with their business.

3. Lead, don't pressure

Effective leadership doesn't involve pressuring, or bribing people to success. Leading is about ,successfully working the business so that they (your new Prospects) will want to follow you on their own accord. It's about making personal relationships with people so that they can ask you questions. Provide the information and tools they need, and then inspire them by successfully demonstrating the example yourself.

4. Manage your time

As a leader, you will be constantly identifying the one thing that is the most valuable use of your time, right now. Effective leaders don't allow each of their team members to chat away for hours with them gripeing on the phone. View yourself as a businessperson, and keep each conversation on task.

5. Consistency is the key to success

Help your downline to understand that success is never about one isolated event. It's a marathon - not a sprint with continual and consistent baby steps. Create a list of simple business building tasks, and teach them to keep a log of the tasks completed each day. Teach them that success depends on how many of these tasks they commit to completing on a consistent daily basis.

6. Maintain communication

Send team updates or newsletters via email to your downline at least every two weeks. Recognize achievements as much as possible.

7. Know when to move on

Recognize that you can't make anyone do anything. You can lead, but if one of your downline won't follow it might be a better use of your time to find a more self-motivated person than to beat yourself up to motivate someone who, for one reason or another, isn't working at the business.

In order to develop a strong leadership sense in your downline, you need to teach your new members the fundamental keys of communication and magagement that is and will be vital to their and your success.
About the Author
Magnetic Leadership Marketing specializes in helping brand new and seasoned MLM professionals build successful businesses that are 100% Internet-based, without spamming, mass advertising, or bulk emailing.
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