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Sometimes All It Takes Is A Leap Of Faith

By Roger Gurung

It's late at night and you're browsing the Internet searching for ways to make money from home because your financial situation is meek at best. And, when you click on a business opportunity that piques your interest, the website tells you all the other money making opportunities are scams, except for the one you clicked onto of course.

Been there? Thought so.

It's alright to be sceptical; it's a natural human reaction to reject something unfamiliar. You should know, however, that not every opportunity in cyberspace is out there to take your money and leave you hanging. In other words, in an unscientific survey, for every two scams out there lies excuse the pun - a legitimate business. Of course the $64,000 question is which one is real and which isn't? There are a number of ways to help you, one being a google search on the company or another way is to visit but, buyer beware, even doing that doesn't guarantee a company is real. Many times in doing your due diligence you'll read someone's rant about how much they were ripped off because they didn't make any money after a few weeks. Other comments might be their sponsor left them and didn't help produce any results, thus deeming the business as a failure.

From where I stand, as long as the business has a solid track record of operation with no cease and desist orders, a history of payouts to its members and a legal business structure and compensation plan then the only underlying variable to your success is you, no one else.

Think about this for a minute, actually, check it out for yourself: do a google search and type "IBM complaints" and see what happens. The second link reads over 3,000 complaints! So has your opinion of the grand daddy of computer companies changed? I doubt it.

You could do this experiment with any well known and reputable company and find the same thing - a lot of complaints. In fact, as a lark I just googled the following: "Coke complaints" "Pepsi complaints" and "Wal mart complaints" and I was surprised to see what came up. However, it doesn't make any of them bad companies (although some of you may differ), oddly enough, I believe it actually legitimizes them when you compare it to Direct sales and Network marketing companies.
Yet when we seek opportunities online we look for companies with a spotless record and a halo over all its members. Do they exist? Hmmm.
I'm only suggesting this that if you decide not to join a business solely based on someone else's whining and lack of success, then you probably weren't that serious about changing your life anyway.
Their story does not have to be yours.

If you find a company with a proven track record, all other factors mentioned above fall into place and you "feel" right about the person you're dealing with and, most importantly, believe you can do it - why not take that leap of faith?
About the Author
Roger Gurung is a full time home-based entrepreneur with
15 years of corporate sales experience. He has travelled extensively around the world, particularly in Europe, where
he worked as a journalist when he was based in London.

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