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Have You Already Broken Your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking?

By Rizal Shaik

If you have already broken your New Year's resolution to quit smoking, you are not alone. Most quit smoking resolutions are broken within the first week of the New Year. It is one of those resolutions that is easy to make but difficult to keep.

The good news however, is that millions of people still managed to keep their resolutions and have successfully broken not the resolution but the habit instead.

So if you have already broken your resolution, don't despair. It is still not too late to get back on track.

The following are some quick tips to get you all ready again to conquer this habit and fulfill your New Year's resolution to quit smoking:

1) RALLY YOUR SUPPORTERS. Change is always difficult and you need all the support you can get to guide you through the change

2) INERTIA AND MOMENTUM. Remember that it is difficult to push a car while stationary (inertia) but once it starts moving, it gets easier and easier (momentum). Similarly, once you get through the initial mountain of starting the quit smoking process, it will just gets easier and easier as you go along. Momentum is the key to change old habits.

3) BELIEF! This is the most important component, your own belief system. Believing that you can quit will ensure that you will. It does not matter how many times you have tried in the past and failed. In fact, if you have failed in the past, it is because you did not believe strong enough that you can quit. You have been made to believe all your life that it is hard to quit smoking. This programming in your brain has to be changed and you must start to believe that you can and you will quit smoking for good.

4) IMAGINATION. Use the awesome power of imagination. Top achievers have always used this tool of the mind to perfection. Picture it and you will get it. Picture a vivid image in your mind of a life without cigarettes. Picture how happy your loved ones look. Picture how good you smell, how much better you feel, how much more money you have, how much more energy you possess. Picture a vibrant new you in control of your life and free from the clutches of a silly little stick of cigarette.

5) MAKE A REAL DECISION TO QUIT. Quit today and not tomorrow or the next day. The key to quitting and staying smoke-free is to quit right now! Don't go for that next stick of cigarette. Never say just one more stick and I quit. Decide to quit for good right now. If you go for one stick, you will go for another. So don't go for that next stick. Remember, now is always better than tomorrow. Your body will thank you for that decision. Your loved ones will thank you even more.

So decide to quit right now and keep your New Year's resolution alive. Join the club of ex-smokers, the club of conquerors just like you!
About the Author
Rizal Shaik is the webmaster for a quit smoking website. Learn more Tips and Facts about Quit Smoking at Get back your life, Be Smoke-Free in 2007.

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