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What are the Effects of Magnetic Leadership Marketing Toward My MLM Business?

By Roger Smith

What is Magnetic Marketing and how does it differ from other forms of traditional prospecting and marketing...

Traditional selling:

Let's look first at the traditional methods of marketing. It starts with prospecting, cold calls or advertising to find leads. You qualify those leads, based on people's urgency to buy or sell and their ability to qualify for your offer. You do a presentation to demonstrate the superiority of your own service and/or company.

Because prospects resist selling, agents are trained to be more persistent and to push harder. To convince prospects to hire you, you might have to work hard on overcoming their objections.

Troubles with selling:

The more you sell the more people will resist. Agree with me or not, selling doesn't work as well as it used to. Today most people dislike selling. On both ends. They don't like being sold to and they don't like selling to others.

They are sick and tired of all those objection-handling techniques, cold calls, advertising, and prospecting. The slicker you are the more likely they will resist your approach... Why? It has a lot to do with the freedom we enjoy.

Our generation are empowered and more sensitive to manipulation than what our parents were exposed to. We are spoiled. We have more choices and we like to choose to do business only with those who care about us and who make the process of buying pleasurable, even fun.

What's fun and pleasurable:

Go and visit your local OLD NAVY store and take a closer look. It is a perfect example of creating fun and pleasurable shopping experience. To begin with, OLD NAVY stores are meticulously clean and very well lighted. Chances are that when you enter, you will hear your favorite kind of music. Stores are also well stocked and rarely run out of your size...

But is there anyone bugging you to buy that khaki pants you look at? No. Is someone overcoming your objection when you are simply not ready to buy? No way! OLD NAVY people just work hard on serving you. They will let you touch anything you want to touch, even if you ruin their amazingly folded stuff on display.

Why? Because they know that if you don't buy today BUT you have a pleasurable experience, you will feel so attracted to them that you will come back.

And they are right. They don't concentrate on making a sale. They concentrate on creating a customer for life.

Think like a leader - not a salesperson:

With this concept in mind you should always be looking to attract new prospects by making their first exposure to your opportunity a pleasurable one. Begin with identifying what their primary frustrations are with promoting and prospecting your opportunity and services. Then share with them your knowledge of the industry to alleviate those pains. Advise them how to select the best training out there, and educate them on how to behave in various situations.

Your aim should be to solve your new recruits problems. The key word here is "lead" - not "sell". Basically, you want to take them by the hand and lead them through the process.

You need to make it interesting, engaging, unpredictable. You need to offer support in areas less obvious than that traditional stuff everyone else in the MLM industry teaches and follows.

Becoming irresistibly attractive:

It is not about being handsome although it helps to have a good hair cut and tastefully selected clothes. Becoming a magnet for new prospects and recruits is easier than you think when you take the dollar sign off your forehead and start truly focus on the people you serve, basically the current and new members on your team.

Attraction marketing is the most natural and pleasurable way to grow your MLM/Network Marketing business. Yes, it takes time to make it work. And knowledge. You need to implement solid business systems to support your efforts. But it is worth the trouble.

You will be amazed how many GREAT prospects you will attract to do business with you. Even people who will never become buyers themselves will send you referrals!
About the Author
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