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Benefits Of Using Oil Mist Eliminators In The Metalworking Industry

By Chuck Jaymes

Today's high-performance CNC machines operate at extremely high rates of speed, requiring an oil mist eliminator to remove vast amounts of coolant. For example, the Haas MDC-500 Mill DrillCenter features a high-volume coolant pump and a 40-gallon coolant tank. Mist eliminators are designed to remove the oil mist and smoke from cutting fluids in metalworking environments.

The health hazards of oil mist exposure associated with the machine tool industry have been well documented. The websites for OSHA, NIOSH and the CDC provide a wealth of valuable information for both employers and employees regarding safety issues and cutting fluids.

One of the most common afflictions of workers exposed to oil mist is Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (HP). This is an allergic reaction to machine coolant that worsens with continued exposure. HP is caused by microbes in the cutting oil that affect air sacs in the deepest part of the lung. Symptoms include fever, chills, deep coughing and shortness of breath.

A mist eliminator collects and removes the harmful particles and smoke from oil mist. Not only does an oil mist eliminator protect workers health, it can also help increase production and improve your shops overall environment.

Oil Mist Eliminator Benefits:

+ Potential health problems and lost man hours are reduced by capturing harmful airborne mist particles

+ A good quality mist eliminator will help your shop to be in safety compliance with OSHA and NIOSH airborne oil mist limits

+ Using a mist eliminator reduces maintenance costs by keeping exposed areas free from oil. This not only frees up your maintenance crew, but also saves parts and surfaces from machine oil mist

+ Your production can be increased by reducing machine downtime. A mist eliminator protects the contacts in electronic equipment from becoming fouled by removing the oil mist from the air
About the Author
Chuck Jaymes is an indoor air quality professional and
offers reviews and comparisons about
Oil Mist Eliminators
for OscarAir, Inc.

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