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Care and Feeding of your Brain

By Vinay Choubey

Like every other part of your body, you brain needs regular exercise to stay healthy. Experience can modify brain structure at every stage of life. Challenging activities can cause new brain cells to grow or make existing brain cells form new connections, which helps the brain to function better. "Choose something appealing and challenging".

Growth of Brain:
So the brain is boss, but it can't do it alone. It needs some nerves - actually a lot of them. And it needs the spinal cord, which is a long bundle of nerves inside your spinal column, the vertebrae that protect it. It's the spinal cord and nerves - known as the nervous system - that let messages flow back and forth between the brain and body.

When you were born, your brain came with all the neurons it will ever have, but many of them were not connected to each other. When you learn things, the messages travel from one neuron to another, over and over. Eventually, the brain starts to create connections between the neurons, so things become easier and you can do them better and better.

Chronic stress damages your immune system and makes your body less able to fight disease. It also releases hormones that can be beneficial in the short term but damage your brain if they are constantly present. So take a deep breath, relax, and find some permanent ways to simplify your life. You can further boost your immune system and your mental health by becoming good at something. "Older persons who pursue activities in which they experience a sense of control and mastery are healthier both physically and mentally than those who do not".

The Eight Pillars of Brain Health
Mental Activity
Treatment of Existing Disease

Nourish your brain with a healthy diet
Like any high-performance machine, the brain needs top quality fuel:

Your brain needs well-balanced, low cholesterol, low saturated diet.

Timing is significant in nutrition. Studies have demonstrated the importance of a good breakfast.

Protein and unsaturated fat is especially important for developing brains. Fish, a rich source of both, is sometimes called brain food.

Your body converts long strings of amino acids in the protein you eat to individual amino acids that your brain converts to the specific proteins it needs.

Your brain needs vitamins and minerals; they come from your diet.

Research suggests anti-oxidant vitamins E and C protect the brain.

Avoid excess food. Reducing calories can help slow age-related brain changes

Enjoy caffeine and alcohol in moderation.

As a general rule, good nutrition for the body is good nutrition for the brain.
About the Author
Vinay Choubey
SEO Manager
For more details on Brain Care visit at and

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