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I Have Been Walking The Internet Super Highway Day & Night

By Chris & Ted Morgan

When I began my trek in the summer of 1996, I had literally
no clue how treacherous of a trek I decided to master. It
became evident as I subscribed to get my first ISP and
installed my antivirus software on my computer. Walk with me
if you dare & discover how the Internet can be your
benefactor too.

I found that "in order to play you've got to pay to stay."
Subscription fees and upgrades are commonplace and are
necessary evils. In the beginning, I picked up mostly free
things on the Net that I thought would be beneficial to my
business in the long run.

We also saw the ones that scam, hack & spam and those that
are kind, thoughtful, and considerate & the salt-of-the-earth
selfless people. You never know whom you will meet when you
turn off to the next exit on the Internet Super Highway.

It's like playing pinball or playing a video game, it is
truly addictive. Working at home is that way too. I find
myself overworking myself; working more than 16 hours some

I was like a kid in a candy store (in the beginning).
Everyone I met had a gimmick to seduce me to buying what they
were selling, and some of them were so obnoxious that when I
got to their site, I could actually feel my wallet open up
all by itself.

To qualify why I'm on this trek in the first place, I heard
(in circles) that I could make a fortune with little cash
outlay and with having little or no experience. I could
start an extremely lucrative Internet business. I was
disabled in 1991, lost my job, & living on disability income.

Having a degree in business, I felt qualified and took the
necessary steps to secure my Internet fortune. Just like I
did in college, I had to find a mentor, someone I can trust,
having the first-hand knowledge and experience to guide me

Having found a confident veteran marketer mentor, we began
building my so-called Internet business. This adventure
unfortunately was (dead on arrival). We made a few
thousand, but in surfing the net we found a better marketing
strategy and opted to using it.

Suffice it to say, that the old marketing techniques we were
using was seriously out-dated. It was a difference like
biking to New York from L.A., when you could have simply
taken a plane. We are up-to-date and light-years ahead of the
pack because; daily I get so many emails alluding to the old
way of promotion.

This is the reason why I am writing this message to you. I
simply can't and will not watch so many people stuck on the
side of the Internet Super Highway and not take the
opportunity to expose them to a different way. Life is full
of choices; I just want to expose the choices.

Tip: People use to tell me that 'The money's in the list'.
Well, that was a half-truth. The truth is that 'The money's
in the bonded responsive list'.

I will always tell anyone that I don't know everything or
that they need to stop what they are doing to join with me.
I am a marketer not a salesman. I make it a point to be a
perpetual student of learning & take the opportunities to
expose choices to everyone I meet (provided they want to
About the Author
Chris & Ted Morgan say, Start your Successful business building the right way. Ask for our free CDs & report .

Chaos 2 Cash (24hr)Recording 1-800-931-4906 Ext.54 © MMVII By Chris & Ted Morgan

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