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Confidence Building Secrets of True Winners

By Peter Murphy

We all need some confidence building from time to time. Part of feeling confident has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Feeling like we can accomplish things we set out to do is important to feeling confident.

Remember that we all have talents and gifts. Whether we feel confident in these skills is very much part of thinking like a winner. Here is an easy way you can train yourself to think like a winner.

Make yourself a 'to do' list. Before you start complaining that you've tried that already in the past and it didn't work, let's go over the rules for this list. This is a list to make you feel like a winner.

It is your job to help yourself to feel as much like a winner as possible by making a list that is fun and easy to get done. I mean super easy. Ridiculously easy, even.

Here's a sample list:

1. Get out of bed.
2. Brush my teeth and comb my hair.
3. Get dressed.
4. Eat something.
5. Eat something else.
6. Walk to a car, bus or another room.
7. Smile.
8. Answer the phone. But only if it rings.
9. Put socks on...

Are you getting the idea? This isn't your average 'to do' list. This is a sort of self-conditioning list. Seeing all those check marks or seeing everything crossed off your list will make you feel like you've had a productive day. You'll gain confidence in your abilities to get things done.

If you practice this fun list making, you'll come to think of yourself as a winner. If you forget to write the list one morning, write a 'done' list at the end of the day. Just list 'got out of bed', etc. and mark them off.

As silly as this confidence building list making may seem, bear in mind that the subconscious doesn't care about what is real or imagined. All it will see is a list that has been checked off every day. Eventually, you'll notice yourself feeling more confident. You can then start adding real tasks to your list and doing them with the same 'feel good' attitude you had when you made your practice lists.

Don't add too many, to start. Camouflage the real items you want to accomplish with your stand-by easy ones. The reason you don't want to do a complete shift in list writing is that feeling good is an important element of confidence building.

Just look at someone you know to be confident. Are they down in the mouth or smiling? Allow yourself the joy of having fun with life. You'll feel like a winner!
About the Author
Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently produced a very popular free report: 10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence. Apply now because it is available for a limited time only at:

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