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How to Build an Attrition Resistant Network Marketing Business

By Michael Smith

With attrition rates (people leaving your organization) at a staggering 70% within three months of startup, the network marketing industry is come by day, leave by night. Why is that? Lack of good leaders? Maybe.

However, this article isn't geared towards that topic. This article is about how to make your business resistant to the constant attrition in network marketing. Well, one of my mentors Mike Dillard coined the term "You Inc" in his book MLM Traffic Formula.

Anyways, in today's world of convenience and fast paced action this couldn't be more important. No matter how good of a leader you are people will leave your organization. Things happen, people change and they may leave.

That is why it is crucial to create "You Inc." Let me explain. Creating "You Inc" is basically all about branding yourself in this industry and selling yourself not your company. In the end people don't buy into the company, the pay plan, or your stupendous life changing product. They buy YOU, that is it.

Creating "You Inc" really means creating a relationship with people and having a list. So no matter what happens tomorrow you will always have your list. Grow this list of people and build trust. Help your list achieve their goals and they will be with you forever.

When you create your list, attrition is a thing of the past. It doesn't matter if your company went out of business tomorrow because you still have the relationships.

You must solve other peoples problems and give without ever thinking about getting.

So what is "You Inc" you ask? It is a list of people who know and trust you because of the value you have given them over time. What do I mean by value? Value is teaching people without asking for money in return, being a mentor with a servant's heart. Once you have a list of people that trust you it doesn't matter what happens tomorrow. The equity you have is in yourself.

So build your list and help people without expecting anything in return. Once you start to truly open your heart to others is the day success will come your way.
About the Author
Mike Smith has a passion in life for helping others succeed in any Network Marketing business. To learn how to explode your business and for more free training visit:

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