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Careers in HVACR Education and Training for Success

By Phil Laboon

What is HVACR?

The "Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning-Refrigeration"(HVACR) industry manages indoor environments. The HVACR industry covers the comfort systems - heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration - that our society depends on year around. The heating and cooling industry is a $150 billion a year business that employs many people and more skilled people are needed to fill the increasing demand. The HVACR industry works on issues that affect our environment such as indoor air quality and protecting the earth's ozone layer through refrigerant recovery.

Where do HVACR people work?

+ Sports arenas
+ Shopping malls
+ Theaters
+ Office and apartment buildings
+ Private homes
+ Factories
+ Grocery stores
+ Industrial plants
+ Hospitals
+ Homes

Technical Jobs are the Fastest Growing Segment of the Economy

Jobs in the $150 billion a year HVACR industry are predicted to increase throughout the end of this decade and throughout the twenty-first century, as demand grows for new industrial, commercial, and residential climate control systems. To maintain or replace older comfort systems, additional new jobs will be created.

The HVACR industry offers well-paying jobs, ranging from a $29, 500 salary for beginning technicians with a two-year Associates Degree to a $40,000 salary for B.S. Graduates with a four-year technical degree. Sales and business HVACR jobs offer similar compensation.

Why is HVACR important in our daily lives?

+ In the home people depend on air conditioning and heating to keep comfortable.
+ Electronic and computer manufacturers need cool, clean, and very dry air for their products.
+ Hospitals, day care centers, and community centers depend on HVACR equipment to maintain comfortable temperatures and good air quality.
+ Research labs, medical manufacturers and food preparation companies need HVACR equipment to ensure that their products are pure and safe.
+ Farmers, livestock shippers, and fruit growers rely on refrigerated trucks, warehouses, and display cases to keep their products fresh.
+ Printers use high-speed, multicolor printing equipment that requires strict humidity control to ensure product quality.

What education and training is needed?

To get started in the HVACR field, you should enroll in the following courses in high school:

+ Computer Applications
+ CAD - Computer-Aided Design
+ Business
+ Sales and Marketing
+ Air Conditioning
+ Math - algebra and geometry
+ Sheet Metal
+ Electricity/electronics
+ Mechanical Drawing
+ Blueprint reading

The stronger your training, the greater your chances for advancement in the field! After graduating from high school, you can get additional training at a local community college or at a university.

Scholarships & Loans: Most schools can help you finance your college education through scholarships and loan packages.

100% Job Placement: Look for two-year associate programs or colleges and universities with high rates of job placement. Often they can find jobs for 100% of their HVACR students.
About the Author
For more information on becoming an heating technician or air conditioning technician please visit our school at HVACR Careers-school and job information.

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