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Got a Question about Ukrainian Brides?

By Mishael Mordinson

Isn't it interesting to learn why men travel to Ukraine to meet a girl? What is the problem with American women, or maybe the problem is in men? Why hundred and thousands American, English, Australian, Canadian men decide to try looking for a wife from Eastern Europe? What is so unique about those women? What kind of difficulties there might be during the process and does it really worth it?

I will try to answer those and other questions standing on my knowledge. Just a couple of words about who I am. My name is Mishael Mordinson and I am the owner of A Mordinson Introduction, it's a certified introduction agency that is working in Ukraine, in a city called Kharkov since 1999, we also have an office in Wiena, Austria. It's a family run business.

So let's start from the beginning. Why men decide to come to Ukraine? Because they are looking for something that they can't find at home, but what's that? Many say they feel like not many women share the same life values, women are too materialistic and career-oriented. Another big reason is that men often want to meet younger girls, in Russian and Ukrainian culture it's absolutely normal for a girl to marry a man who is much older than her. Ukrainian ladies think it's great to have a husband who is wise, experienced and actually knows what he wants from life. An average Ukrainian lady is willing to have family and children, she wants to be with a man and devote her life to him and family. There is a famous Russian pop-song that has these lines: What does a girl need? Only her beloved to be next to her!

Another thing that attracts western guys in Ukrainian girls is their natural beauty. Some guys can't really believe those stunningly nice looking girls are single and don't have hundreds of men chasing them all around the city. The truth is that Ukrainian and Russian men are very spoiled by the fact that there are so many nice looking girls. So after having some negative experiences with local guys, girls start to consider meeting a guy from abroad.

Here's a passage from one man from the USA, who decided to look for a soul mate abroad: Like so many men, I have spent many years passively hoping to find the right woman with whom to share a life. After some time, I came to a conclusion that it would be interesting to try and meet a lady from somewhere outside my own borders, outside my own world. As I became more open minded to this venture, I was left with two questions: Where? And how?"

Here's couple more thoughts from an American man who has been to Ukraine and used our service.

I have an undergraduate and two advanced degrees, a successful profession, but my life was unbalanced, lacking a loved one. Thanks to the innovative Mordinson Agency, I met the beautiful Victoria Kovalenko on my trip to Kharkov in July

I was very worried that this kind of pursuit would be ill advised for a number of reasons including: mistrust of Internet companies, cultural and language differences with anyone that I might meet, cultural bias here in the USA against this method to meet a partner, and the enormity of putting together a solid relationship at such distances. Many worthy men would question the judgment of undertaking such an adventure"

So finding your loved one on the other part of the world is not so easy really. But the truth is that it's absolutely possible to find a lady of your dream, all is needed for that is some courage and strength. There are real, nice and very attractive women here who want to find their sweethearts!
About the Author
Mishael Mordinson is an owner of A Mordinson Introduction, Elite introduction club in Kharkov, Ukraine, that is run by Mordinson family since 1999.

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