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Online Education Is Not Right for You

By Jullie Harvard

Probably the greatest benefit of online education is the incredible convenience that it offers. You can do your schoolwork and studying based on your schedule. No more 8am classes, no more 4-hour lectures.

This obviously has huge implications for students who have jobs, a family to take care of, or both. Instead of trying to juggle your classes around a 9-to-5 job or your son's soccer practice, distance learning gives you the flexibility to take your classes when you can fit them in.

Although earning a degree through online education brings many advantages, you may not suit for this type of education mode. Online education is not right for you if you are group under these categories:

You Are a Social Butterfly

If you are a social butterfly who flourishes when others are around, attending an online course may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you are quiet and reserved, online education can be your ticket to success.

You tend to quit a project due to lack of motivation

If you can not stay motivated on your own, an online institution is not your best choice for getting a degree. To be success as an online student, you must be able to self-motivate, and complete projects or assignment to meet your preset schedule.

You like to listen to lecture instead of reading it

In online learning environment, you are expected to master material through reading alone. Although some online courses offer video recordings and audio clips, most programs require that students understand a large amount of information that is only available through written text. Hence, if your way of learning is better with listening to the lectures and taking notes, then traditional class-based courses will suit you better.

You are not interest in surfing internet

Although, many people are surfing internet everyday, but some are surfing internet just because they do to search for information and they feel surfing internet is not a fun but a need, when there is no need, they will stay away from internet. If you are in this group, online education may not right for you because online courses require you to understand more than just how to log onto the Internet. You need to know how to use chat rooms, message boards, forums and instant messaging.

You find hard in learning of new computer programs

Depending on the online course you take, you may need to download new software programs. If you find it difficult to learn new computer technology, you'll need to either set aside more time for learning, or take a traditional class.

You do not like to arrange you own schedule of study

You prefer to follow a fix and pre-arrange schedule for your study. The freedom of working at your own schedule may cause you to put off your assignments or wait until the last moment to write your papers.

In Summary

Remember that online learning is not for everyone and, while it is an excellent choice for some, others will always struggle with learning independently. If after comparing your personality and habits, online degree is not right for you, then traditional classes should be your better option.

About the Author
Jullie Harvard is the author from is an information website on all online degrees available. The site featured over 1,000 online degrees and accredited online degree programs.

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