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A major mistake that is keeping you from landing your dream job!

By melanie Winograd

Before you browse through the classified ads or surf the Internet for your next job, it is well worth your time and effort to investigate the option of doing some career planning work with a trained and experienced "career coach".

The Mistake: We are mindlessly moving to the next career that is offered, instead of searching for the "right" career move.

Many employees spend their entire lives in jobs they don't like, and not only do they suffer the financial consequences, they also suffer personally - in terms of stress, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of self-confidence. Research shows that those who do work they enjoy live happier and more satisfying lives, and for that reason alone it is prudent to take the job search opportunity seriously. It is not just a chance to switch companies or roles, but it may be the chance for you to reset the entire trajectory of your professional and personal life in a more positive and fulfilling direction.

With such an important opportunity facing you, coaching can be a smart and rewarding investment. Those who receive career coaching improve their chances of getting the job they want, and that is an investment that continues to provide monetary and quality of life returns for years to come.

Are you listening? Your dream job is waiting for you.

Career coaching can improve your chances to land your next dream job. When it comes to competition in a fast-paced and high stakes job market, a slight advantage can make the difference between unemployment and a great job. The skills you acquire from that experience will serve you well for the rest of your working life. A career coach teaches you how to put your best foot forward, how to celebrate your unique assets and talents, and how to impress others with your energy, skills, and experience. Those are life lessons that apply not only to job interviews but also to a whole host of other interactions in our daily lives. Many job seekers report that what they gained the most from using a career coach was self-confidence. How can you put a price on something as valuable as believing in yourself?

When you work with a qualified career coach, you'll gain valuable insight, information, and confidence that will not only improve your chances of getting that dream job, but will also improve your chances of realizing other dreams, in other areas of your life.
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