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5 Attraction Marketing Must-Haves For Every Seasoned Leader, and New Recruit in MLM

By Roger Smith

The home based business is booming!! I love the challenge of managing my own finances, the training and the work. I really do. This past year from my own case study of myself, I found that having a Attraction mindset as a leader is paramount in building your business, or anything else in life. By following some time tested ideas, things now seem a lot clearer to me in becoming the leader I want to be.

Maybe these 5 ideas can help you to.

1. Focus ONLY on what you desire:

These images can be anything like how I see my business growing to what my next house might look like, or vacation spot, the car you might want to drive in the next 6 months etc.

2. Turn your obstacles into challenges:

Allow yourself sometime to decide what path you need to take. Anything that may look like an obstacle right now just makes me focus on the task ahead and the end result.

3. Get rid of limiting beliefs:

Our beliefs are in us on an unconscious level. We can change them by looking at things differently. For example, instead of telling yourself I'm new and I don't have time for my business, let alone prospect, maybe you should change that thought to I can, I will, I shall.

4. Faith:

Trust your intuitions about what you really want and desire. If you can actually "SEE" in your mind the very thing you want, act as if you all ready have itů(this might take sometime but it does work).

5. Let go of negative attachments:

I realized that no one likes to give business to someone that is desperate. I've decided the Universe feels the same way. So I let go of the "having to have" started just start allowing opportunities to come. Ask, and it will be given when the time is right.
About the Author
Magnetic Leadership Marketing specializes in helping brand new and seasoned MLM professionals build successful businesses that are 100% Internet-based, without spamming, mass advertising, or bulk emailing.
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