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Don't Let This Attitude Hold Your Career Back

By Anna Johnson

If you're like me, you're serious about career development. Now this doesn't necessarily mean enrolling in graduate school and handing over thousands of dollars to earn a new qualification. But you'll probably agree that some sort of investment is required to learn, evolve and advance in your career.

Taking courses or enrolling in college programs notwithstanding, I sincerely think that continuing your informal education should be a core part of your personal career development. That means reading books, newsletters, journals and other publications, attending seminars and workshops, participating in mastermind groups... and even going onto the Internet to read articles like this one!. In fact, if there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that you should always be looking for opportunities to learn, and that this is critical to your career development.

In fact, there's nothing more destructive to your career development than thinking that you already know it all. Put it this way, the true experts rarely say they know it all - they typically say that they DON'T know it all and are always learning!

Which would you rather - being someone who develops and grows... or being an armchair critic who knows it all, yet never really makes a big leap in terms of their career development? Clearly, you're better off being someone who embraces learning and who therefore develops and grows.

Let's take an example. Say you're a hairdresser who has been cutting and styling hair for 10 years. Does cutting hair every day for that period of time mean that you know it all and have nothing left to learn? Well, sure - you know how to cut hair. But if ever evolving fashion trends - i.e. new hairstyles and variations of old hairstyles - are any indication, then there is always something new to learn. New techniques, new hair styles, new hair products and even new hair styling tools, to name a few of these new things.

As a result, any hairdresser serious about their career development would constantly be reading the latest hairdressing magazines, attending hairdressing conferences and shows, and attempting new techniques, styles, products and tools.

That's why my hairdresser, for example, continues to learn and develop her skills. And why she is able to charge more than double what the average hairdresser can charge (the hairdresser working away in a salon in the mall, earning minimal wages, and wondering why they can't get ahead even though they know everything about cutting and styling hair).

Therefore, be done with the belief that you know all there is to know and, instead, embrace new learning opportunities. That's how you'll continue to evolve and grow.

About the Author
Discover how to find a career. Watch Anna's funny and inspirational movie, Career Choices, then download a free chapter of her controversial ebook, Insider Job Secrets Revealed.

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