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Now Color Of Candles Will Cure Your Health Problems (Candle Color)

By Mia Bilkins

When we think of candles, a simple thought comes to our mind - a way to light in darkness. Candles are also a part of celebration, prayers and aromatherapy. Aromatherapy? It must be surprising but candles have become an important part of aromatherapy. Each color in this world symbolizes some meaning such as white for peace, black for magic and disaster etc. In the same manner colors candles symbolize meaning when, they are used in aromatherapy. It is absolutely true that color candles play a crucial role in aromatherapy which helps in healing various mental and physical health problems.

Color candles create an environment which soothes and refreshes the mind. Color candles are available in varieties of colors and with different exotic fragrance. Each color in color candle helps in creating different temper and environment.

When the person decides to buy color candles for aromatherapy, he is recommended to keep in his mind that what kind of mood he wants to create as each color has its own significance. Such as if he wants peace, harmony or wants to feel the power, purity, protection etc. Then he is recommended to use white color candles in aromatherapy.

If he needs an environment which signifies feminine feeling, beauty romance then, pink color is the best to enhance his feeling in aromatherapy. Red color candles represent wildness, love, passion, strength and fire. And, if the person needs an atmosphere of purity, knowledge, devotion then blue can be the best choice. In the same manner, other colors in candles have their own meaning.

It is true that color candles, by creating a desired environment helps in healing and curing various body problems. But along that the person must also make sure that they use appropriate and right kind of essential oil in aromatherapy in order to get best results.

In addition to the above purposes they also form a part of rituals, meditation, wedding, prayers etc. And, it will be also right to say that it symbolizes emotions.

So in order to wrap up, color candles along with providing light in darkness; it also carries a great importance beyond this purpose; as this an important and crucial ingredient, which creates different moods in aromatherapy that further helps in curing and healing various health problems.

The person should take care of color candles as they are very delicate. It is suggested that it should not be stored in open as its color can fade. So, it's better to store it properly.

Now, which color candle you are willing to buy for your aromatherapy?
About the Author
Mia Bilkins is working with the New Directions AU. To find Color candles, botanical skin care products, floral water, raw materials, recipes, bottles, caps, accessories, wellbeing you need to visit

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