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How to Develop a Bigger and Better Business Strategy

By Dan Cavalli

Are you considering taking your business bigger? The financial rewards can be
massive. Your life will change overnight. If you are, have you considered the
repercussions on your health, social life and personal relationships?

For those who can cope have had a life of total luxury. The key is to have a solid plan
that is difficult for you to deviate from. There are a number of elements to
include in your plan.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to enjoy a business that returns
you enough money to allow you to live on room service for the rest of your

Check what you are now doing Which position does your business fit into when
considering your competitors?

The areas to consider are:
• Product
• Price
• Customer support
• Costs
• Market share

Other points to consider are how do you compare against your closest rival?
Which businesses excel in your line of work? Once you have found that out work
out what makes them different so you can be better.

Create the plan Always focus your efforts to deliver great products and even
better service.

Questions you can ask yourself are:
• Do you measure quality
and reliability of products?
• Is the performance of your business measured?
• Is customer satisfaction measured?
• Is your staff multi-skilled?
• Do you communicate well?

Establish time frames and actions to be carried out and by whom. Document and
monitor to ensure it is completed.

Set your targets When you are setting your time frames and targets make sure
they are big, exciting and totally unreasonable without being over the top.

Do it for one, two and three years out. If you are satisfied you won't have the
drive to send yourself to the next level. If targets are too small, you will
not generate excitement and urgency.

Do's and don'ts To progress you will need to develop in certain areas. Here are
some do's and don'ts:

• Set bigger and better challenges
• Accept change as a stepping stone to
better things
• Strive to improve everything
• Watch your competitors
• Measure

• Don't be satisfied with your situation
• Don't ignore red flags as warning signs

Recommendations I also suggest that you complete the following template to get
you on track. It's an easy form to do. Just fill in the spaces and it will
carry you to a satisfactory conclusion:

TIP: Life is too short to be little - Disraeli

Conclusion If you're going to be successful you will have to be able to
evaluate the proposed changes that will be made before they are implemented.

Here is a short test in question form to evaluate if you are ready to accept
the proposals to be made.

• Are you already doing it?
• Has it been tried unsuccessfully in the past?
• Could it work? • Is it practical?
• Is it ethical?
• Is it based on empire
building and self interest?
• Is it based on untested theory or speculation?
•Will it solve the problems?
• Are the risks acceptable?
• Is it cost effective?
• Is it within budgets?

Answers to these questions will indicate that you are ready now or you will
require more time to educate yourself for the tasks at hand.

If you really enjoyed this information you will
certainly also benefit from Dan's free subscription for Business and Personal
Development Tips and bits at
About the Author
Dan Cavalli is an Australian businessman his expertise is in the providing
information to people to build their business bigger and better, faster.

He is an entrepreneur, expert on small-business success, teaches essential marketing
tactics and sales techniques.

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