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How to solve the 95% drop out rate in MLM

By Steve Buhrmeister

We need to look at the reasons why so many people that are searching for financial freedom are not able or willing to commit to this business. When a new Multi Level Marketing business starts the top executives know that 95% of the members that join their marketing company will drop out because they never sponsor anyone or sell any product.

You solve the above statement by combining the three powerful media's of today,
1 - Television Infomercials
2 - Networking
3 Internet
By combining these three, we have created a new form of MLM, Direct Response Network Marketing.

First, you televise your products and business opportunity with about 100 hours of infomercials per week. Your infomercial fully explains the products and business opportunity, what they cost, benefits, what it costs to join, requirements for remaining active in the business to your viewers.

Second, have the technology for the new business owner to receive the customer calling the 800 number on the infomercial directly into their home, producing a "REAL TIME LEAD". Eliminating the need for a call center.

Third, provide the new business owner with their own personalized company website to be able to take orders on the product and import customers. This will alleviate the need to keep inventory and lessens the paper work associated with your owning a business.

Fourth, pay substantial commissions on both the product sales and the signing up of other independent business owners into the business from the infomercials.

Fifth, have consumable products that need to be replenished on a monthly basis. Offering discounts to your customers for purchasing on a monthly basis. This creates a monthly income for your new business owner.

Sixth, have numerous products for the customer to choose from.

Seventh, have a training program so the new business owner doesn't need to depend on their up-line. This program needs to have scripts for selling the products and presenting the business opportunity, audio CD's so you can hear and learn how to use tonalities and inflections of your voice.

By supplying and implementing the above seven elements you eliminate the need of the new business owner to solely depend upon his/her friends, family and co-workers to produce any kind of income for them. You also create a new form of MLM, known as Direct Response Network Marketing. No longer will MLM be looked at as a pyramid or scam.
About the Author
Steve Buhrmeister is the independent busines owner of ITV Ventures IBO, a newly created home based Direct Response Network Marketing business. For more information

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