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New Drug Rehab Protocols Used in Second Chance Program in Albuquerque

By Kris Nickerson

A new drug rehabilitation program that uses long-range nutritional and sauna- based detoxification with no alternative drugs, is achieving high success statistics in a prison setting. Run by Rick Pendery, the national Executive Director the Second Chance Centers and Joy Westrum, the President of the Second Chance Program (, the program has been running for several months now in this secure setting in Albuquerque.

Westrum explains that the purpose of the program is, "To withdraw the inmate from drug addiction quickly with as little pain and other trauma as possible, and without substituting any other drug. The program includes administration of vitamin and mineral supplements twice a day, drills administered by another inmate trained in this procedure designed to extrovert the inmate's attention and physical techniques that are administered by other inmates designed to decrease the physical trauma of withdrawal. The entire process is supervised by a staff member trained in the process."

This is called the Purification Rundown and has been used throughout the world, not only to assist in getting people off drugs, but also to remove chemicals and other toxins from the system and has been used by many of the NY Fire Department and others who worked at Ground Zero after the disaster of 9/11.
"When the person has completed the Purification Rundown they are not only off whatever drugs they might have been taking, they also can be observed to be more healthy." Pendery explains. "This can be seen by physical indicators, skin tone, eyes, and often they are socially different, with a higher activity level, better communication level, etc."

Once completed on the sauna step they do what is called Therapeutic Training Routines which are known to increase the inmate's attention and awareness of his present environment, raise his ability to comfortably confront others and his own life and raise his ability to give and receive communication. Often it has been seen to increase the inmate's responsibility level and the students then gain more control of their own emotions, raise their ability to control others and willingness to be controlled.

"This section consists of actual communication drills that were developed by L. Ron Hubbard.", explains Pendery. "This is a secular program, that uses some of the tools from Mr. Hubbard, but Second Chance is non-religious by nature and not part of the Church of Scientology. Our center endorses the importance of all and any religious endeavor. The inmates here are encouraged to pray, read the bible or meditate or take part in any religious activity."
"The results of this part of our program really go beyond any other program that I have seen. Having successfully completed all the communication drills, the student is most often observed to be more easily communicating, confronting others more comfortably, and more in control of his emotions.

Kent McGregor, who previously was the Director of Substance Abuse for New Mexico and later a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Certifier has acted as a consultant for the Second Chance Program and outlined how the various parts of the Second Chance Program fall within what is considered to be the best practice in substance abuse treatment. He states, "The Second Chance Program uses a holistic approach of exercise combined with the use of nutrients to replace metabolic deficiencies. They use a sauna/nutritional detoxification therapy that reduces the burden of toxic body metabolites. They additionally use motivational interviews, contingency management, community reinforcement therapy all combined into a successful matrix model in a social detox therapeutic community environment."
Information about the Second Chance program can be found at
About the Author
Kris Nickerson is the Editor-in-Chief of Press Direct International, a global information website that provides reliable information tailored to professionals in financial, media, and corporate markets. His thorough knowledge of industries ranging from health care and travel to real estate and financial investing enables him to quickly grasp the nuances of emerging markets and technologies.

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