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What To Do If You Have The Metabolic Syndrome?

By Ng Peng Hock

Though it is still not very clear what causes the metabolic syndrome, it seems that overweight does play a very important role. The syndrome is clearly more commonly found in those people who are overweight than in those who are not. Even if one has the metabolic syndrome, he or she should not worry too much. Why?

The reason is fairly simple: not everyone with the syndrome will certainly develop heart disease and diabetes. And it is not very difficult to stay away from these disorders. There are many things that can be done to reverse it.

Since overweight is identified as one of the important components, managing one's weight become the top priority. As we grow older, most of us will gain weight. Research showed that even for people who do not lose weight but can maintain their weight at a constant level as they got older, are at a lower risk of developing diabetes.

The weights of adults are determined by how much energy goes into their bodies through food that they eat and how much they burn off through physical activity. If people can burn off more than they take in, successful weight loss can be achieved. As a result, diet and exercise have become the two essential factors in the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

First of all, a healthy diet containing the appropriate amount of calories is what people need to help them lose weight. This of course can be done with the help of dietitian or a nutritionist who can design a meal plan that is suitable for different individuals. It is best to ask the doctor for a referral.

Secondly, one should make a commitment to select an exercise that he or she enjoys doing it. If possible, find a partner who also enjoys doing the same exercise together. This will allow a person to help support each other. Joining a health club for workout to increase the level of physical activity is merely unnecessary. You can always add daily routines that can boost your activity level. This can range from walking the dog to taking stairs instead of using elevator. Sometimes, getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking the remainder distance to the destination can be a good option too.

Before embarking and committing to any dietary or exercise program, do consult a health care professional to make sure the program adopted is safe and effective.

Finally, it is also important to go back and see your doctor regularly to ascertain if the program can really benefit you. If a genuine attempt to modify the lifestyle still fails, you will probably have to take medications as prescribed by the doctor, though this should be last thing you should do.

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