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The Law of Karma Versus the Law of Attraction

By Gunnar Jensen

In several spiritual belief systems the law of karma is an important ingredient. This law implies that whatever we give out will be returned to us in some way - that good is being repaid with good and bad with bad.

This is a logical thought, and combined with the reincarnation principle it might actually explain some of the injustice we perceive in the world (like why some people seem to have all the luck and others have all the difficulties and bad destinies).

Today it is widely accepted in many circles that we attract what we really focus on in our minds. According to this law of attraction, our minds shape our surroundings so that we create our own future according to what we hold in our minds.

If we are positive and feeling good, we are creating positive and good future situations; and being negative we create future negative situations. If we really want something (material or personal), we are to visualize this wish in our minds, imagining that we already have it, and enjoying the good feelings it is causing. Supposedly our surrounding universe will then arrange whatever is necessary to fulfill the wish.

This is also a plausible thought, and there are many examples of people having changed their lives by changing their way of thinking and feeling. To some degree I have had the same experience from my own life, and I believe that this is a great help in creating the life in the way that we want it.

Personally, I find the law of karma very probable and the law of attraction as well. I am wondering, though, in which way the two laws can work together. As a simple example: Imagine that somebody with a standard level of living wants to be very rich and wealthy and thus concentrates a lot of energy towards this dream - visualizing having a big mansion, expensive cars, and so on. Imagine also that this person has a karma (from this or earlier lives) stating that he has to experience poverty (because earlier he was creating wealth at the expense of others). Which law is the strongest then?

Is it possible for this person to accomplish his dream of wealth in this life? If yes, is he postponing his karma then? Is it possible that he might be wealthy in this life "paying" his karma in another way?

If both laws are working in the universe, and we all have some kind of karmic debt to pay (because we would not be here if not), then we can do a lot of things to make our lives more happy; but we can't avoid some kind of "suffering" because we have to pay this karmic debt.

All in all, though, even if we can't create our current lives completely because of our karmic debt, we can certainly try to make our lives as happy as possible - and of course try to avoid creating more bad karma that will hit us in the future.
About the Author
Gunnar Jensen has been working for almost 30 years in the IT-industry (mostly in sales). In 2005 (by the age of 51) he quit his job to finish his first book WHAT IF ...? An inspirational book about the existential questions in life and Award-Winning Finalist in the New Age: Non-Fiction of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards. &

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