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Why Trying to Find a Good Yet Cheap TV Today Could Be Tricky

By Muna wa Wanjiru

With all the new technologies available, it seems like most new TVs out there you have to put a down payment on, take out a loan, and possible put a mortgage or two on any property
you own just to take the thing home. Does anyone even sell cheap TVs anymore, or are they all technological marvels destined to drive you into the poor home?

Fortunately, the older CRT technology is still available and still popular. Actually, the advent of the newer technologiesz makes this a good time to get a cheap TV that actually is
quite decent. If you are looking for a cheap TV you'll be pretty much limited to the CRT type, but the prices on these have dropped gnificantly in response to the newer types,
like plasma screens and LCD TVs. For what you would pay for a LCD or plasma TV you can get a much bigger CRT TV. And CRT TV's aren't bad at all, they represent a technology that has been mastered, even if it is obsolete.

Even if you already own or are going to buy a plasma screen or LCD TV, it's always nice to have a cheap TV or two on hand as well. You can lug them around, put them in high risk areas (such as on your work bench), and generally treat them like crap without worrying too much about it. As great as it would be to have a state of the art 70 inch plasma beast, I
think I'd be terrified of damaging it somehow, and would almost be afraid to turn the thing on.

So as of 2007, the best cheap TVs you're going to find are going to be CRTs. They're bulky and a pain in the ass to move around, but there's tons of different types to choose from and they're generally extremely reliable. Keep your
eyes on the price of LCD TVs however. It's been dropping steadily recently, and pretty soon will be in line with their CRT counterparts. Then you'll be able to have a cheap TV that is also state of the art.

The question you have to ask yourself is how important is television to you? If you find yourself watching a lot of TV, love sports games, video games, videos, and or all of the
above, it may be worth splurging a little for a bigger or higher quality TV. If you spend an hour or less a day watching television, you probably will be fine with a cheap TV.

Article written by Muna wa Wanjiru.
About the Author
Muna wa Wanjiru

orange county plasma

california plasma


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