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Life Long Learning Goals

By Linda Geyer

Having a competitive edge in business, your career, and in your life can allow you to have a goal to change the world by making the small things matter. This might sound as if you can single-handedly, relying on your own wits and where-with-all, transform and impact the world by yourself. For some of us, this is our destiny, our big hairy audacious goal in life. For others, the competitive edge is an on-going passionate pursuit, not so much a destination, but a driving force of our future, our career, and our lives!

To develop the competitive edge, many will need help in certain areas of their lives to reach their full potential. It will not happen overnight. You need to set a goal, plan, take action, and have personal growth a priority to have success. This is where goal-setting and prioritizing comes in, both in your professional and personal lives.

Two ways to empower and create the competitive edge in business, career, and life, both personally and professionally, is by setting a goal for personal development. Decide how to make the most of every opportunity. Even the things we take for granted, like time, talent, and money will have significant and meaningful impact.

The competitive edge will help you to leave a legacy, make a difference in the world, reach your full potential, and go above and beyond. Effective goal-setting tools will help you develop your competitive edge.

For those of us who share this passion of on-going pursuit and purpose, you can use specific goal setting technique to effectively, successfully, and progressively plan your life. This includes a passion to continue to grow and excel, setting goals, furthering your education, taking time for planning, committed decision making, discipline, and persistent determination.

Sure-fire ways of getting ahead with goal-setting and planning your future includes discovering, developing, and optimizing your skills through paying close attention to three aspects specifically

Reading and listening to stimulate learning
Actively participating in personal development by becoming a life long learner
Getting out of your comfort zone

A few practical ways you can put these key skills and goal-setting fundamentals to work for you, include:

- Making time to study personal development
- Learning more effectively by repetition
- Becoming an attentive listener and observer
- Retaining and practicing what you learn

THE TIME IS NOW! For insights and secrets on effective goal setting, personal development, ongoing growth, mastery and excellence with a difference, visit You will receive a special bonus of your very own success strategies eClass for free tips, strategies, and tactics that will make all the difference in the world for your business, career, and life goals.
About the Author
Linda Geyer, founder of Goals411 and Vitality Management, speaker, author and has coached hundreds to reach their goals. To plan for success this year, sign up for free "10 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Success" visit

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