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Wedding Day - How A Bride Can Look Beautiful Without A Bridal Gown

By Kacy Carr

So you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, and why not, because, this is to be a special day in your life that will hold many precious meanings from this day forward for the bride and groom. The marriage vows the bride pledges to her betrothed will naturally come from the heart. A woman's beauty lies within, so therefore - the treasured words spoken will have true meaning. A woman, who feels good about herself on the inside as well as on the out, will always make a beautiful bride.

If this day is to be perfect and you want to look beautiful on your wedding day then you have to plan ahead. Careful wedding planning is the key for a successful and memorable day. Remember last minute hitches can occur, but with proper wedding plans drawn up before the set date of the marriage will eliminate any disorganized arrangements Even though you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, this will not happen if you are stressed out over any last minute hitch. A dishevelled bride that stands alongside the groom at the church alter is not part of the perfect wedding day package.

The most important thing to do is - to draft up a wedding to-do-list. You need to itemize all your wedding ideas "Together" (Bride and Groom) Joint decisions made on the plans is vital because, we don't want to hear those words change from (I do) to (I don't) because you both had a disagreement beforehand.

Aside from you wanting to look beautiful on your wedding day, you also want everything else to as well. Depending on your budget will decipher how you categorize your list of priorities for the wedding.
If you are counting the pennies, then do not spend more that you can afford, you do not want to start married life being carried over the threshold only to be met with a mountain of debt. Remember to tick of your to-do list of wedding duties as go along finalizing, arranging, and settling payments for different wedding services. Information can be found online regarding, wedding venues, wedding flowers, wedding invitations etc. Decide early on who are to be the best man and bridesmaids. Remember the gold wedding bands (rings); these are most important for when you both declare your undying love to each other i.e. infinity together forever.

You will both need to speak with the parish priest or vicar of who you wish to perform the wedding ceremony (service). Draw up a guest list. Call in an expert on catering where they can help you decide on what foods are best for your wedding reception. Caterers are trained and specialize in catering for large and small numbers, so therefore they will be able to advise. Depending on your guest list and the size of your party hall - will have you decide on a sit down wedding feast or cold running buffet. Other items that you should have listed down is

1 Hymns and songs for the service
2 Evening entertainment
3 Where you are going on honeymoon
4 Personalized Words for (wedding vows)
5 Photographers

These are just a few wedding guidance tips and advice. There will be more bits and bobs like top hat and tails for the men, dresses for the flower girls oh and of course not forgetting the wedding veil, wedding cap and tiara. Was there something else of importance, oops sorry, yes the bridal gown, If you want to look beautiful on your wedding day - then regardless of what you wear, remember, a woman's beauty comes from within
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