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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Article Marketing

By Nathan Park

Article marketing is an increasingly popular method of increasing exposure online. The beauty of article writing and article submission for SEO is that you can effectively condense your whole optimisation and marketing strategy into one channel, for easier, targeted results. In this article, we will highlight ten of the main benefits of using article marketing as a means to promote your website.

1. Increase back-links
One of the main reasons for using articles to promote your website is that in each article, you are effectively creating a link back to your website. Additionally, if you're content is good enough, it may be picked up and distributed across other sites, even further increasing the variety of links to your site.

2. Establish yourself as an industry expert
Publishing quality content that's relevant to your industry and target audience is a great way to promote yourself as an expert within your respective market. By establishing your self as a credible source of information through quality article copywriting, you present an overall positive image of your business, which can be truly invaluable. Of course, if you publish terrible content, the reverse is also true, and you can seriously diminish your chances.

3. Cost effective as compared to other methods of marketing
When you consider the cost of other methods of marketing your website with article marketing, the latter becomes a significantly more attractive option. Consider your potential PPC spend over the course of a month. By investing this in article marketing as an SEO and PR strategy, you could gain significant coverage, which, unlike advertising, is far more permanent. Hence, article marketing is a particularly cost effective promotional tool.

4. Quickly achieve results
Article marketing is an effective way to promote your website and increase your linking diversity, but it is also a relatively quick way to achieve great long term results. Within a matter of weeks, you can see impressive results from increased visitor traffic through your website.

5. Flexibility in keyword targeting
Through the course of an article marketing campaign, you can choose to promote various different keywords, depending on the relevancy of various pages of your site. This means that, in effect, you can be flexible in the keywords you target across various articles you choose to submit. This means you can focus on improving the quality of articles, whilst also promoting different aspects of your website.

6. Increase natural traffic
Spreading all these articles which link back to your website across the internet is bound to be good marketing, regardless of SEO considerations. Getting your name out there to more browsers is guaranteed to increase the natural traffic through your website, which could ultimately lead to more direct sales as an added bonus along the way.

7. Quality content is valuable
By submitting quality content, you're almost guaranteed to increase the exposure of your website name, and your services as other webmasters use your articles. Submitting well-written articles that are insightful and useful will encourage other websites to adopt your content, which will further spread your links.

8. Easy to start
All you need to get your article marketing campaign up and running is some good quality articles, an idea about article submission techniques, and a concept of SEO. You don't need a lot of upfront capital, and you don't need to spend weeks planning, so in that sense, article marketing is a fairly easy marketing method to adopt.

9. Promote your brand
Spreading high quality articles linking to your site is a great way to create an overall positive impression of your company. This will make your company look like the ultimate experts, and cast your brand in a highly professional light, which is ultimately beneficial in a variety of different ways.

10. Effective way to promote your site overall
By creating a network of articles submitted across a range of directories, you are promoting your website in terms of linking and in terms of promoting your brand. All in all, article marketing is a very effective way to promote your website, both in terms of cost and efficiency.
About the Author is an online article directory submission service, specialising in submission for improving search engine rankins.
Cooper Murphy Webb are a copywriting company, providing profession website copy and content for SEO.

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