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Talismans and their benefits

By Rick Martin

Talismans are small objects believed to have the magic power to protect and bring good luck and fortune to their owner. They are supposed to keep the evil away from the person who wears them, protecting him/her of any illness, accident, disgrace, misfortune etc. Talismans absorb positive vibrations of cosmic energy and transmit it to the owner, keeping him/her safe from negative energies at the same time. They are usually worn directly on the body, as pendants, rings or necklaces.

The English word for talismans comes from the Greek word telesma which has the meaning of sacred object or initiation into mystery. In order to gain their powers, talismans must be indeed consecrated during a special ritual. It is only through that ritual that they become charged with spiritual energy, gaining magical powers.

Talismans appear to be the most common kind of objects considered to have supernatural powers, worn as a charm against evil. In some societies, religious objects have almost a similar role of protection, the cross being the most common of them.

The preoccupation of men for amulets proves to be ancient. From early times people were interested in finding ways to understand and control the supernatural, to keep themselves away from harm. Some of the amulets used were even believed to have medicinal healing qualities, sometimes hung upon the bed of a suffering person in hope of his/hers recovery.

Often made of metal, talismans frequently feature symbols of sacred geometry - the belief in the spiritual power owned by the geometrical archetypes which we recognize all over in the nature around us like pentagrams and hexagrams. The inscriptions and the shape of the amulet can be chosen according to the owner's preferences, wishes and needs, each one of them having a special significance. One of the most commonly used sign is the pentagram, a five-pointed star, symbolizing the wounds of Christ and offering protection against the malignant forces.

Amulets may be also made of crystal or many others solid minerals, like quartz, onyx, amethyst, jade, moonstone, turquoise, famous for their healing qualities and capacities of channeling the positive energies, keeping people safe and offering inner peace and comfort.

A crucial factor in what the efficiency of talismans is concerned is the belief of the owner in their capacities. Thus, they have magical virtues and confer certain powers as long as the one who has them in his possession believes in their magical value of assuring protection against evil, attracting benefits, bringing luck and fulfilling wishes related to love, health, material profit etc.

Sometimes there are certain words, letters or numbers engraved on them, which have a symbolical and mystical value. All these factors, along with the shape they have and with the pictures on them, transform talismans into magical products charged with cosmic energy merged with astral influences.
About the Author
For the ones interested in supernatural and who would like to find out more about talismans and their positive effects, we hope that this site will help them find out all that they need to know.

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