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Can You Find Legitimate Make Money Business Opportunities

By James Bradley

Looking for legitimate opportunities to make money with your own home business is more difficult than many web users may think. When trying to filter through all of the programs and systems on the web, you can get easily confused and find yourself going in circles. This is what happened in my case.

Falling for the allure of a get rich quick scam is something that many of us fall into. Its difficult to know who you can and cannot trust on the internet. There is no face to face conversation and it can be difficult to judge people or their opportunities for this reason. The question most commonly asked is "Can you find legitimate make money business opportunities?".

This question does have a definitive answer, yes. But to find what really makes a business opportunity worthwhile keep these simple points and questions in the front of your mind.

a. How long has the opportunity been around and can you get support from real people? Many opportunities out there promise riches but have not even been in business longer than a few months or even weeks. Do a little research, find out how long they have been around and what people think of them. Also, try to contact them with some questions you may have. Does the company give you a real response answering all of your questions, or is their automated responses sent to you from a computer generation. Before going with any business opportunity, find out what they are about.

b. Are their products provided that offer solutions to clients? This seems simple enough but many people tend to overlook this questions despite its importance. Will clients and potential clients benefit from the purchase of these goods or services? People are always searching online for answers to questions. A real make money business opportunity will provide solutions to its clients questions and problems.

c. What type of marketing materials are provided to promote your business and its products/services? In order to make money online you have to have targeted visitors to your website. To put it simply, you need traffic. A legitimate business opportunity will provide you with multiple ways to get not only traffic to your web page, but target traffic (people who are actually interested in purchasing your products/services). This can be in the form of newsletters, banner and text ads, classified advertising, ppc advertising, emal marketing materials, article publishing ads, etc. Is they company giving you everything you need or simply getting your foot in the door?

d. What is the price of the products or sercies? If you are working through an affiliate program as your make money opportunity, what is the cost of the goods? Will people first off be willing to purchase the goods and the suggested price, and secondly will you be able to earn a quality income from the sales of theses goods/services. If the price is too high, people will not buy. If the price is too low, you will be losing out on additional income that should be more profit to you. Are the products priced competitively? Do a simple google or yahoo search to determine if the products are worth selling at the suggested cost.

e. What is the cost to you? This is actually one of the most important questions but properly discussed last. After answering all of the other questions, are their products? how will you market? is their real support? etc., you must determine if the cost to you is really worth what you will be getting from the opportunity. If you have answered all of the previous questions you will know if the cost to you is worth it. It won't do you much good if you are spending loads of cash for nothing!

So we know its very possible to find legitimate make money business opportunities with the proper research and determination. Answer the questions, determine if the business opportunity is really all the company says it is cracked up to be. Don't cut any corners! Analyze everything carefully and with patience. When you are content with a legitimate business opportunity take that first step and get started.
About the Author
James has been involved in advanced internet marketing and home business opportunities for the last 4 years within the frame work of a multi national billion dollar company. He is a graduated student of

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