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The art of building your downline - how numbers add up

By Alan Johnson

First of all, I'm not going to waste your time (or mine, for that matter) by illustrating the history of MLM, or by insisting on other general aspects.

If you have no idea what MLM represents, if you are unaware as to the meaning of the terms "upline", "downline", "referrer" or "referral", then you need to be doing some serious reading (I suggest bookmarking this article, and documenting yourself on MLM in general before reading further).

OK, you know what MLM is all about, and want to start earning some money.

You see headline after headline, promise after promise: "earn thousands of dollars monthly by simply referring your friends"/"achieve financial freedom by joining our program".

Before joining any MLM, you need to stop fooling yourself into thinking you will become rich overnight and understand what exactly you are getting yourself into.

After all, you can't win at a game without knowing the rules, can you?

Are high earnings possible with MLM programs? Yes.

But, things look a lot easier on paper than they are in practice.

A 4-figure income is possible, even 5-figures are not out of reach, but don't think you will ever even get close to such earnings just by inviting a couple of friends to join under you and leaving things at that.

As you know, MLM stands for "MultiLevelMarketing". What does the term "MultiLevel" suggest?

Exactly, the fact that you earn not just from people you invite directly, but also from the ones your referrals invite, and so forth (the actual number of "levels" is different from program to program).

The name of the game is having a healthy downline, in other words, having active referrals (referrals capable of promoting/ referring).

Do you think you can succeed by simply inviting a couple of people to join under you and leaving it at that?

Think twice, you have about the same changes of "getting lucky" as you do at winning the lottery.

The bottom line is that very few members of your downline, if any, will actually prove to be active promoters, and just standing by will not do you any good.

If you want a solid downline, you cannot expect things to work themselves out, because they simply won't, and your earnings will reflect that attitude.

"Passive income", doesn't mean that you earn money for doing absolutely nothing, it means that, if you do your job right, at a certain point, your downline will naturally increase, without you actively participating in the process.

Note the wording: "at a certain point"

It's reaching that "certain point" that separates winners from losers.

And what exactly is your job, as the referrer, you ask?

It most certainly isn't inviting people to join your downline and leaving things at that.

Your job is training your downline, offering them all the tools and support they need to become active promoters. Don't assume your referrals are born promoters, assume the contrary and train them to become such, the results will be well worth your efforts.

How to train them?

First of all, they need your full support. By e-mail, by phone, by video conference, by whatever means necessary. Don't turn your back on them, answer all of their concerns calmly, patiently and don't keep them waiting too long. Fast, quality support can and will get you far.

Secondly, set yourself as an example. Show them how it's done, explain your techniques, share your results. Nothing encourages referrals to be active more than having their upline as an example.

Also, add a community "feel" to your downline, make your referrals feel right at home. Set up a special forum for them to interact with another, and, of course, with you, hold conference calls, anything you can think of that could encourage them to stay in contact with you, aswell as with their own referrals.

Another important aspect: not all of your referrals are expert web-designers, in fact, you will find that a lot of them would like to promote their referral link online, yet have problems with starting a website. As you imagine, if you provide them with the tools, you have another active member as a part of your team.

Be supportive, be unique (you have to, if you want people to choose you as their upline over another person), be understanding and calm, and your odds at success are looking better and better.
About the Author
This articles has been brought to you by Alan Johnson, experienced web marketer and owner of AglocoVIP build your downline with the leading agloco promotion team

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