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MLM Training: How to Always Say The Right Thing, Easily and Naturally

By Tim Sales

If you could learn just one skill in your MLM business, this would be it. Having this one dominant thought in your mind before talking with any prospect will guide you through any conversation, and your prospect will respect and admire you.

If you always say the right thing that also means you NEVER say the wrong thing. Boy that would be nice, huh? In this article I'm going to tell you about one simple thing you can do to make saying the right thing almost automatic.

Having the intention to make the person's life better is the tenth and final Communication Quality.

These Qualities I developed are very important to you to possess if you want to be successful in MLM. Once you're fully knowledgeable about these qualities and have the proper and correct MLM training to learn them, you will be amazed at how many prospects and customers will be interested in your MLM business and/or products.

When inviting your prospect...and communicating (selling) with your prospect...and in any situation really...

Your intention needs to be focused on the correct thing if you want success in network marketing.

The definition of the word intention is: An aim that guides action. You could flip that around and also say that all past actions were preceded by an intention. Example: Your intention was to go to the store; your action was to get in your car. Your action of getting in the car was based upon desiring to go to the store. Intention comes first, and then action follows.

If your intention with your prospect is correct, then your actions will be correct. When it comes to inviting someone to look at your MLM business, your intention prior to the call, during the call...and as long as you know this person should be to make the prospect's life better.

If your intention with your prospect is the wrong one, then your actions will reveal what your true intentions are. People often think they can "fake" it - I disagree.

If it is truly your aim to make your prospect's life better, then everything you do will be towards that. And it will be obvious to the prospect.

If your aim is to make money, make your monthly volume requirements, or get off the phone within three minutes - then everything you do will be towards that. And that will be obvious to the prospect also.

Recently I was talking with a lady named Jennifer who had been working with a prospect (a company) to turn them into a client. A gentleman named Mr. Allen was the decision maker at the company. Everything was going well, and then Mr. Allen revealed that someone else (a competitor to Jennifer) was also trying to get their account.

Oh, this freaked Jennifer out! She suddenly went from having the aim to make Mr. Allen's life better - to having the aim of beating out this competitor. That became her dominant aim. Jennifer's conversations with Mr. Allen started to be about how much better she was than the competitor instead of how she could make Mr. Allen's life better.

She hastily called me pleading, "Help me, I'm losing this huge account!" I told her to go write down every thought she was having about the situation. Then from the intention of making Mr. Allen's life better, work out how she would do [only] that.

I went over her list with her and to every statement she had written down I asked things like, "How does that benefit Mr. Allen or the company?" Or "How is that related to helping Mr. Allen?" Many things she had written down had to do with her (Jennifer's) fear of what would happen if he chose the competitor; which had nothing to do with Mr. Allen.

Ultimately, Jennifer succeeded at getting Mr. Allen to see that she was a better person to work with than the competitor and got the large account - not because Jennifer focused on beating the competition or saying anything AT ALL about the competition - she stayed on the subjects of what she would be doing for the client and how she had this idea and that idea and how she had researched this and that...all of which were in alignment with what Mr. Allen had said he wanted from the very beginning.

My point in Communication Quality #10 is to make sure your intention is pure and focused on making the prospect's life better. If you do this you will always say the right that prospect.

The true advantage network marketing has over all other industries is our ability to really have a conversation with the prospect and find out what will make their life better.

Telemarketers don't do this, advertisements on radio and television don't do this and you won't find it in direct mail. But it's quite obvious to anyone who wants to look that we in the MLM business can truly care about and demonstrate that care by keeping the intention to make the prospect's life better throughout our conversation with them.

If you listen to my live calls on "Professional Inviter" you're going to perhaps wonder why I don't get the objections that you may get. Sometimes you can say the same words that I say, but you get very different responses.

If before your call you put in your mind that you really want to help this person, and that you really can help this person, and you really will help this person - your calls will go much better than if you are thinking about making money.

Show me someone whose aim (intention) is to make money and I'll show you a tired, worn-out, broke person because they're trying to receive before they give - and I'm not suggesting this person isn't working their fool head off trying to make money - I'm clearly stating that they won't be able to make money because they're focused on the receiving side of the equation instead of the giving side. People think that by working hard they're giving - nope. Not until someone's life is actually made better by you, do you get paid.
About the Author
Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the confidence and skills to be an MLM success. Discover what you must know to become a true network marketing professional. Sign up for his free MLM training newsletter and listen to free training at

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