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Bad Laser Eye Surgery: How Can You Avoid It?

By Jane Brennan

Considering LASIK eye surgery? The LASIK Vision Institute claims that they have done over half a million procedures to date, and almost everyone knows someone who has had the laser eye surgery. The surgery can especially help if you have astigmatism and cannot wear contacts, or have to have custom eyeglasses. However, being optimistic about the results does not make the possible complications disappear. As with any surgery--especially new surgeries with no long-term data--there are complications.

Reliable Information Source

Before making the decision to go through a LASIK eye surgery, you should research and understand the problems that can occur and the procedure. There are many ways to do this, including going on-line or calling your doctor. Records of bad LASIK eye surgery and studies of surgical vision correction are easily available and may help you to make the decision.

Additional information sources, such as brochures or websites, may provide very different stories and they are not so reliable. The comments in promotional material are chosen to be very positive and the negative comments may be chosen in order to keep somebody from thinking about the procedure.

If you really want some un-biased, complete information (as well as have an idea of which doctor to go to--or not go to), ask around and speak with friends, co-workers, or family that have had the surgery. Just going to the doctor may result in information about the procedure, but it may not be enough. Doctors may downplay the complications because they are interested in the money (or other perks) they receive. If your doctor downplays the complications, and doesn't explain the procedure and possible risks to your satisfaction, GET A NEW DOCTOR!

What Can Go Wrong?

The consequences of a bad LASIK eye surgery can be very serious, devastating, and difficult to live with. One of the most serious consequences is the complete loss of eye sight. One wrong move made by the doctor and or faulty equipment can leave you with worse vision than when you arrived at the doctor's office. Also, infection or other post-operative complications can lead to loss of eye sight.

One of the most important phrases in our consumer culture is "Let the Buyer beware!". No where is this more important than in medical procedures. Informing yourself, reliable sources such as health organization, family, friends, and doctors, about the safety of the procedure before making the decision is a smart idea.

Just doing a little research--even just asking how many procedures done by the doctor, how many of those procedures were successful and how many had complications---may keep you from turning something that is just inconvenient (such as wearing glasses or contacts) to something that is life-long. While most complications associated with LASIK eye surgery are just minor annoyances, becoming permanently disabled may be more than a simple minor annoyance.
About the Author
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