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Getting the Best Deal on Small Business Phone Systems

By Kingston Amadan

Small business can mean a lot of things, but for most companies who fall under that moniker, small business means operating on a stringent budget. Even if the expenses of your business allow for substantial purchasing, no one wants to spend more than necessary and cut into their bottom line. This rule of thumb applies to all level of business purchases, especially business equipment.

When it comes to small business phone systems, a little flexibility on the perception of used or reconditioned equipment can help you save money. The reality of the small business is that while some companies experience little growth over the short term, many expand rapidly and are quite successful. This, in turn, means that they quickly outgrow their existing small business phone system.

Normally, businesses will expand their system to its maximum capability before replacing it, as the cost of getting a new system can be high. This is especially true when upgrading from a key system to a PBX, or Private Branch Exchange. Still, companies can recoup some of the cost when doing so by selling their old equipment (which in most cases is not all that "old") to their phone system retailer.

Once the equipment is back with the dealer, routine maintenance and cleaning assure the next owner that the equipment is operating like new. What was quickly outgrown by one company may be exactly what the doctor ordered for another. The best part is that used equipment is significantly cheaper than buying new and often allows businesses to get additional features they might not have the budget for if they were purchasing a new system.

Many used systems also come with a full or balance manufacturer's warranty, or a warranty supplied by the distributor. It's always important to check and see if a warranty is available when purchasing used equipment since again, it is used.

So, if you're in the market for a small business phone system, check out your dealers selection of used equipment. You'll be surprised at just how much money you can save and how much more you can get for your small business phone system budget.
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