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Kids-Only Fitness Gyms

By Anna Fleet

Sometimes kids may need a little tough love when it comes to their weight. It's no secret that nearly one third of American children are overweight. This is no surprise since traditional, more active kids games like Tag and Hide-and-Go-Seek have been replaced by video and computer games. Well it's about time that we get our kids moving again - and what better way than in a fitness environment dedicated specifically to the needs of children?

Rclub Interactive Fitness is a kids-only gym located in Pleasanton, California. It has its own child-size weightlifting machines and cardio equipment based on video games like Dance Dance Revolution. The weightlifting machines are hydraulic and work off of body resistance. For added enjoyment, children can play video games while they ride the bikes. The goal is to make exercise fun, so that children will remain active in the future.

These kid-focused gyms are one of the newest trends in fitness; they generally target children between the ages of six and seventeen. This trend emerged with the growing rates of childhood obesity. Fitwize and Bulldog are other branches of kid-friendly gyms. They offer fun programs such as health-focused birthday parties, field trips with schools and a points system for working out so kids can win prizes. They can even do their homework while exercising!

Parents need to play an active role in the fitness level of their children - especially since this generation is significantly less active than past generations. Encouraging an active lifestyle is the best thing parents could do for their children - and making exercise fun doesn't hurt either.

Luckily there are online resources to help teach parents and children how to adopt a healthy fitness lifestyle. For instance, in my blog on Fitness Gear 101 I talk about the need for parents to take an active role in the health of their children in my post "Tough Love". Children who are overweight need to be encouraged to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The reintroduction of fitness programs in the North American elementary school curriculum is a great way to open the eyes of parents of overweight children. Let's get our kids moving again!
About the Author
Anna Fleet is a certified personal trainer and the editor for Fitness Gear 101. Her website offers a number of workout routines designed to target various areas of the body. You can also stay in touch with Anna and all the other FitnessGear101 online members in the fitness blogs and fitness forums.

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