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Simple Tips For Preventing Heartburn

By Dean Caporella

Heartburn affects millions of people worldwide. An interesting debate recently suggested that in many cases, the incidence heartburn could have been lessened if people only took some commonsense precautions.

Preventing Heartburn

Okay, preventative heartburn measures may not apply so much to chronic sufferers who will in all probability be under medical supervision. But for those people who suffer heartburn once or twice a week, there are areas of your life you can assess. Here's a simple checklist:

1. Over eating is a no go zone if heartburn plays are part in your life on a weekly basis. Cut down to smaller meals and be careful not to eat close to bedtime. The recommended time frame is usually three hours.

2. Do a self analysis on yourself. Are you overweight? Can you afford to shed a few extra pounds? This will certainly play a part in ridding heartburn as a factor in your life.

3. Not many people realise tight-fitting clothing can be associated with heartburn attack. Think about it, if you love to fit into a pair of jeans two sizes below what you would normally wear and heartburn is a common factor, then consider going up a size or two. Putting pressure on the stomach is the last thing you want to be doing.

4. Food and drink intake is often associated with heartburn. Identifying what types of food or drink seem to correlate with an attack is important. The "old diehards" such spicy foods and alcohol and caffeine are always prime suspects while smoking is another no go zone to be eliminated.

5. Many people report a correlation with their sleeping style and heartburn. Whether it be the way they rest their heads on their pillows, which may be too high or too low or the way they actually lay in bed; it may be on their backs, side or even stomachs. If you notice that attacks seem to occur during these instances try elevating your pillow or laying differently to what you normally do.

Can You Make The Necessary Adjustments?

Simple heartburn prevention methods can prove beneficial for a lot of people but one of the biggest "bug bears" for preventative specialists is to get people to take action. Going through an episode is no fun; those of us who have experienced that horrible, nauseating and painful burning sensation can attaest to this. Your thoughts essentially revolve around getting over it as soon as you can and that when you do, you'll swear of spicy foods forever or you'll never touch coffee again or you've had your last drop of alcohol. But do you?

Getting people to make lifestyle changes must be one of the most difficult assignments in the world, especially for the medical profession. Where heartburn prevention is concerned, major changes in lifestyle are not required but more so, minor adjustments. If you aren't a chronic sufferer, you could virtually "kiss heartburn goodbye" in your life.
About the Author
Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Try these simple tips on preventing heartburn. Improve your quality of life with the latest heartburn and reflux news and reviews at:

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