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Huge Complaint with UHaul and Bank of America

By Jeffrey A. Solochek

Over this past 4th of July my family and myself had decided to move to Brunswick Georgia. We had lived in Souther Florida for the past 3 years but last winter my last 2 remaining grandfathers, one from each side of the family, had died and the only reason I had moved to Florida in the first place was to help take care of family.

Originally I had a truck reserved to pickup on the Wednesday before the 4th but because of Tires Plus still having my Jeep we could not pick the truck on time. The next day we tried to find a truck but there was none in the entire state of Florida. So I had to make other arrangements which meant enlisting the help of one of my kids friends and renting out a trailer which had to be returned to the location we rented it from. This meant that we would have to fill up with one load and travel to Georgia then return to pick up a second load and again drop of everything in Georgia then return to Florida to return the trailer.

The trailer we picked up had some problems and we were not able to exceed 30 MPH with the trailer empty or full. This was a big problem so we called roadside assistance to find out what the problem was. This kept us waiting for 2 hours in the middle of some Ghetto. The first time roadside assistance came it turned out that the lug nuts on the wheels weren't even tightened. The service man thought this would take care of the problem so he didn't check for any other problems and sent us on our way. We noticed the problem was not fixed so we called back the service man within 10 minutes.

This time the service man noticed that the treads on one of the wheels were bad. You would think that these people would be trained to look for all problems on the first visit rather than having to make more than one trip to fix what should have been fixed on the first visit but apparently with UHaul that is not the way they do things. We had hoped that the problem was finally fixed but learned that we had driven only 10 minutes that there was still a problem.

This time, rather than calling roadside assistance again, we pulled over and unloaded the trailer then reloaded it thinking maybe it was the way we had it loaded. But again this turned out not to be the problem and several times during our trip we proceeded to repackage the trailer. Needless to say we had to finish our trip to Georgia traveling at no faster than 30MPH. What should have only taken 12 hours now took twice the length of time..

Once we had arrived in Georgia at our new apartment we called the roadside assistance people again and they found a local UHaul and told us to swap the trailer out with them, which we did. Now before I go on I want to mention that this trailer rental was only $29.95 a day plus I paid the additional $5 a day for their extra insurance. From past dealings with UHaul I knew that the optional insurance would be the smart thing to do. Mistake number 1 was that I paid the trailer fees with my credit card.

Over the next 2 weeks after we had completed out move the UHaul in Florida, I think it was called 5 points UHaul, they proceeded to charge my card a total of $985.20 in 3 separate transactions. Since I banked with Bank of America I decided to dispute these transactions. Now I never disputed the new charge for the replacement trailer, only the charges for the original trailer because it was Defective. We found out from the 3rd service guy. The one who came out when were getting the replacement trailer that this trailer was a new design that had a longer tongue. Because of this it could not be towed by any vehicle smaller than a half ton pickup which our Jeep was a lot smaller plus it was only 2 wheel drive. UHaul salespeople should have made their people tell all customers this but this was not the case.

Over the past 6 months I have talked with Bank of America numerous times about this dispute in fact I even faxed them all documentation 4 times. According to all my paperwork, had the trailer not been defective a 2 day rental would have only been $34.95 times two. How does this justify $985.20? Even if we had rented the trailer for a one way drop off it would have only cost less than $500. But Bank of America, with their infinite wisdom, Have decided there was nothing wrong with UHaul charging my card the way they did, so in the long run I am in the negative over 4 figures in my account because of this.

I know that a lot of important people have investigation into UHaul because of Cr+p like this. Even the Attorney General of Arizona has am investigation against UHaul. As a result I will never do business again with the following companies, UHaul, Bank of America, and Tires Plus. The last one was because they were trying to fix something they were to have done 2 months prior.
About the Author
Jeffrey Solochek is the Purple Cow of todays writers always adding his own unique wit and humor to everything.

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