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Star Treck for the Modern Generation

By Corey Chorba

In this new computer age, you can find and do almost anything on the internet. One of these things is being involved with roleplaying games. Roleplaying games on the internet are in a text-based form, generally in a chat room or on a free program, such as SimpleMU or MUSHClient. Nowadays, there are text-based games for almost every type of reality or personality. MudConnector has the most extensive list that I have ever found on the internet.

There are RPGs (Role-Playing Games) that have Historical, Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Roman themes, like Firan MUX. By far, Star Trek RPGs are the most common I have seen. I have personally worked and played on several of them, and they turned out to be a lot of fun. Through hard work and dedication, the staff of all of these Star Trek games have made it seem as realistic as the Star Trek shows every generation has watched on TV. This is done by writing an extensive amount of code, which is computer programming done on these games.

And not only Star Trek games are out there. There is literally a universe of endless possibilities to explore. Firan MUX, for example, is a Roman where the players control the path the game takes through Tiny Plots, which are smaller plots in the overall theme that help to move the theme along, and just general RP, role-playing. As I have stated, the Star Trek games out there are numerous, and they all have varying themes. There are some from the time of the Dominion War, some that take place before Star Trek: The Original Series, and still others that take place far after where Star Trek: Voyager left off.

There are two ways to get a character on these games. You can either make your own from scratch. By doing this, you decide what your character looks like, how he or she acts, what are his or her weaknesses and strengths, and everything else that goes into making the character. But, some places, like Firan MUX, offer a list of pre-generated characters to save players the hassle of doing it themselves. The biggest benefit of this route is that the character already starts out with relationships to other characters on the game, so that you can jump right into role-playing and having fun.

So, I highly encourage everyone to just take a look and try it out. You may find you like it. I have found it can be a great way to escape from reality and live a life you'd never get to experience otherwise.
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